Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Zin (12)

Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Zinfandel 12-Pack Case
$139.99 $336.00 58% off List Price
2013 Scott Harvey Zinfandel, Mountain Selection, Amador County

We just happened to open a bottle of this very wine this past weekend, and it was delicious as usual.

Our introduction to fine Zin was from an Amador county winery, so we’ve had an affinity for Zin from this region ever since, and Scott Harvey’s in particular never fails to delight.

In for another case.

Anyone in Houston want to 6/6 split, I will order but I am running out of space

I wish I knew a little more about this wine. How does it compare to Wellington? The last few weeks have been rough on my wine budget! And with Christmas coming…

He has an old world style, this won’t be a big, jammy zin. I don’t think you could do much better for a Christmas wine at this price. I usually open Wellington wines with food, I find them pretty tannic while I’ll pop open a Harvey wine while I’m cooking :). I might drink too much wine.

Good question, or Pedroncelli for that matter?

I find Ped zins jammier than Wellington…

Yes, definitely. It’s still fruity, lots of cherry, but lighter in body and color and much less jammy than a Wellington or Pedroncelli. Drinking beautifully right now as well.

And generally greatly benefit (Ped) from additional cellar time.

Woot should add a “Like” for comments. Thanks for the directions on buying!

I’d split, in Chicago loop.

We used to have them, by the name of QP.

This zin from Scott is drinking beautifully, and is very pure and focused, less rustic then a Wellington zin, or super young like Pedroncelli, all of which I’ve had many, many times.

This is the best Woot price we’ve ever seen on these (Including the identical case deal in October.), and less than the usual Woot price for Scott’s less expensive, more youthful Inzinerator.

I’ve killed my wine budget in the last couple weeks with all the Woot deals, and grabbed some Wellington port today, and I still have a few bottles left, or I’d buy a case of this. I’m holding on to the hope that we’ll see a similar deal on the red label Barbera, which would be impossible for me to resist.

You would have to say that, wouldn’t you? And so eloquently. I really wasn’t going to get this, but you put me right over the edge. (I know I’ll thank you later.)