Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Zin (5)

Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Zinfandel 5-Pack
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2011 Scott Harvey Zinfandel, Mountain Selection, Amador County
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Can’t go wrong with Scott Harvey Zinfandel. Great QPR, somewhat restrained style tending towards “old world” from the Zin-Master himself.

Looking forward to seeing Scott & Jana in Ohio this coming Friday! :slight_smile:

I don’t believe i have ever had the Harvey Red label Zin but I have had the white label which is a reserve and found it to be excellent. I’m sure these are really nice as well.

Hi Everyone,
Always fun to be on woot. This is our Mountain Selection Zinfandel. The wine that drives our winery. It is mainly produced from the Bowman Vineyard, which was planted in 1974. If I can remember when a Zinfandel vineyard was planted, I don’t put Old Vine on the label. Bowman is a shareholder in our company and produces great Zinfandel from the highest planted mountain of the Shenandoah Valley of Amador County.
Jana and I are traveling today. Just finished up the Taste of Vail Wine Festival in Colorado. So, I’ll be getting on and off the board as I move in and out of WIFI spots at the airports.

Hi Chip,
Anything from my cellar you would like me to bring?

Woot…you have officially busted my wine budget, my shooting budget, my technology budget, and my food budget…Pedroncelli, Iron Horse, and now Scott Harvey??? What’s next…Pedroncelli Cab Sauv and Pinot Noir???

Hi Scott,
I’ve heard tales about the wonderful Jana Riesling you made from Michigan grapes in 2007. I know it’s a longshot but if you have any sitting around and think that it would still show well, I’d love to try it.

If not, maybe a bottle of Barbera? The unsung hero of Amador County! Red or white label, both are delicious.

5 years ago! Time flies…

I was looking at the sales map, and I had to look twice, it was weird, the space to the right of NY wasn’t blank. Welcome back, VT and NH! MA – maybe someday?

Mmm, I remember it well, that Riesling was my debut as a rat. A very nice bottle.

I’d be asking for a bottle of the Jana PN.
Just sayin’

Good luck getting it!

Will you come down here to the Durango Wine Experience, too?

I would buy but I’ve got a whole bunch from the last two woots. This is great stuff, very smooth.

According to Wine Search the 2011 was $22 per bottle
In for three, Zin should store pretty well

Scott Harvey winery was such a find. Jana and Scott have been fantastic partners. woot on !!

This is some super yummy wine!!! Always great to see Scott here!! Scott and Jana are such great people who just happen to make some FANTASTIC wine!!! I have NO extra money… but when has that stopped me? :tongue: In for one… thanks Scott!!

This is a super wine at a great price. I prefer Scott’s approach to Zin - elegant, balanced. It’s a Zin with manners and sophistication that does not slap you in the mouth with fruit and alcohol. Definitely meant to go with food and I like it with pizza, pasta dishes, Santa Fe style New Mexican, burgers, goulash…hmmm…wonder what I have not paired it with…

I had a bottle of the '09 Reserve Zin recently and it was fabulous. So I think the '11 MS Zin should be coming into its peak right about now.

I am sorry we couldn’t make the Taste of Vail, but we are looking forward to the next Scott Harvey Wine Dinner in Colorado Springs - hope it is not too long!

Or that :slight_smile:

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