Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Zin (5)

Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Zinfandel 5-Pack
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2011 Scott Harvey Zinfandel, Mountain Selection, Amador County
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Another Scott Harvey so soon!!! And one of my favorite Zins?

At this rate, soon I won’t have a wine cellar — it will be a Scott Harvey cellar. Keep it coming, WD.

Darn you WD!

This is different from his InZinerator, but equally as yummy!

4th, just after Woot Cellar, Ty Caton, & Wellington.

3rd for me, after Wellington and Iron Horse but add in Jana and Super Hero wines and Scott is an easy #1 by almost 4 cases! Fortunately for my wallet I already grabbed these 2011 Mountain Selection Zins when they were previously offered.

This is really good Zin - we’ve had quite a bit and I maxed out last time it was offered. If you have any room at all in your cellar, buy 3x!

I’ve been a Zin lover for many years, and I used to think the best Zins came from the Dry Creek region. That was before I tasted Scott’s Amador County Mountain Selection Zinfandel. If you want to know what properly made Zinfandel is supposed to taste like, this is the archetype you’re looking for. Plenty of fruit up front, dark cherries and plums, with that little bit of spice to help keep your palate wanting more, and a smooth finish. One of the most versatile wines in our cellar, perfect with grilled salmon as well as Thanksgiving turkey with the rich chestnut stuffing that bahwm makes every year. Even if you think you already have enough, think about the upcoming BBQ season, and find room for more.

If I had the room…if I only had the room…

We’re having a nice run on Woot. Sure appreciate it. As we are delivering 100 cases of InZinerator to woot today this wine is running. I’m in southern California judging the Riverside wine competition today. I’ll take my computer with me and in between flights I’ll get on to answer questions and let you know what I’m judging. Sometimes I get what I like, (Riesling, Barbera and Zinfandel). Other times I’ll get 200 Chardonnays.

Make the room… make the room.

Great wine. If only you could ship to VA.

Hey OneBassPlayer – any chance of a wootleg or even a split on this??

HerSheik - If onebassplayer can help me, would you like me to go for an extra buy on your behalf?
(I’m in NoVa)

Give us a call at the winery (707 968-9575) and we’ll take care of you. Ask for Carla or Jana.

You guys are making it hard to keep things in check! Yes, Scott is also my 4th ranked - after Corison, Iron Horse, Wellington. Just above Twisted Oak and Tercero. I can’t in good conscience take 5, but if somebody wants me to take a couple let me know…

Well, sure enough, we started with Chardonnay. But only had to do about 14 of them. Then it was on to 20 Muscats and Orange Muscats. Then Semillon. One of the Semillons we gave a double good and best of class. Next we move into red wines with Cab Francs. I’ll keep you posted

I am familiar with the inZinerator, I guess it’s time to see what all the fuss is about with this one as well. In for one!

This is great Scott - thanks for letting us ‘tag’ along

So much bad Chardonnay, so little time…

Nice to see some good Semillon; that was a fairly popular a grape in California before the '70s.

Made both sweet and dry, it was also sometimes used to blend with Sauvignon Blanc (as in white Bordeaux).

In fact, IIRC, back when varietal labeling allowed naming the grap at only 51% of the blend, a fair number of “Sauvignon Blancs” were blended with a good dose of Semillon.

The J Rickards SB offered herea few months back includes 5% Semillon. We quite enjoy it and purchased more than once.