Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Zin (5)

Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Zinfandel 5-Pack
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2013 Scott Harvey Zinfandel, Mountain Selection, Amador County

Wahoo indeed Scott! Thanks for taking the time to record that video clip and sharing it with us. You’ve always gone the extra mile and it is much appreciated!

The video clip was interesting, but are we talking about the 2012 or the 2013 Zin here, and does the one on offer include the 11% of the blended port varieties? (It says 2013 in the Features and 100% Zin in the Specs.)

An excellent question. What Scott says on the audio clip info matches the specs shown for the 2013, but the video is clearly about the 2012. I’m sure someone will be along to clarify later. Meanwhile, it really doesn’t matter much to me, I’m going to have to buy it in any case (no pun intended), despite having just received my wine club shipment 2 days ago. :tongue:

Having been wowed by the 2010 Wellington Zinfandel, how would people say this one stacks up? I typically like Zins. If it’s anything near as tasty as that Wellington I’ll probably have to be in.

Scott’s Zins are fabulous and with Mill as the first sucker you know these are good. No VA or Ga so I have to find another wootlegger

Hi Everyone,
Not sure where Woot got the video. Probably from the last time we ran the 2012. The video is for the 2012 Mt. Selection Zinfandel and the wine is the 2013 Mt. Selection Zinfandel. Sorry for the confusion. My audio that I did is for the 2013. The wine is pretty consistent from the 2012 to the 2013 vintages. The 2013 has a higher percentage of the old vine vineyards of Norton and Vineyard 1869 and none of the dry port variety wine.

Hey Scott - hope we get to see you and Jana at another Wooster dinner sometime soon!

It goes without saying around here that Scott’s wines are superb. We particularly love the Zins and Barberas. Some of our favorite wines (thanks to WW for discovering them years ago!) are from Amador County - Scott’s and Noceto’s in particular.

We haven’t yet had the 2013 vintage of this but I’m certain it won’t disappoint. If you’ve never had this before, get off the ledge and click the yellow button!

It won’t disappoint. As it happens, we just enjoyed a bottle the other night, from our wine club selection. It’s in a nice spot right now, plenty of fresh, ripe red fruit, smooth as silk. A very versatile wine, this vintage. Given the sort of experience we’ve had with Scott’s Zins, I expect to enjoy this even more as it gets a bit more age.

You won’t be disappointed. I’ve had both and actually enjoy Harvey zins better. They are brighter and have a bit more acid to carry them through. Wellington not too shabby either :grin:

90+ degrees here in AZ. Are you confident shipping here?

Shipping is up to Woot. I know they are careful.