Scott Harvey Mtn Selection Barbera (5)

Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera 5-Pack
$79.99 $144.00 44% off List Price
2012 Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera, Amador County
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This one is a no brainer. If it hadn’t been for having to sign into woot and then signing into Amazon, I likely would’ve been first sucker. Oh well, at least I’m in good company :wink:

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Autobuy. Love Amador County Barbera, especially Scott’s!

Willing to part with a bottle or two, have a couple on hand already from a previous direct order.

I’d be all over this if it included summer styrofoam shipping! By the time it ships it will be Hot Hot Hot here(Las Vegas) in June, I’m afraid it won’t make the trip safely. Please bring this back in a couple months please!!!

Oh well, just when we have been trying so hard to do more depleting than purchasing. So much for the SIWBM. It’s Scott (and he REALLY knows his Barbera)!

Scott Harvey Mtn Selection Barbera (5)

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Love the wine, but you don’t ship anywhere I can receive it.

I know I have to ship to my son and hope its still there when I visit. But Scott Harvey is always an auto by and seeing Mill as first Wooter just confirms.

If there’s one that that WineDavid knows how to do, it’s ship wine. He helps most of the wineries with their shipping. He’s a logistics master at this. He will ship in the method appropriate for the area.

I think wooters here will agree that WD has an awesome track record on wine shipping.

If something should happen to your wine, just contact our customer support team and they’ll happily assist you.

Actually I hope it comes in summer styrofoam not so much for the wine itself (it’s been cool and rainy across the southwest) but because my wine racks are completely full. One of them is expandable, though: I made it by stacking the styrofoam packing forms. If this comes in styrofoam I can just stack it on top!

(Alternatively I could drink some wine and make room…)

Woo hoo in for two. No room, but will squeeze this in.

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This is not a question of yes or no… it’s a question of one, two, or three

No room either but just finished a great bottle of 2006 Cab from Wellington so have room for one bottle at least.

Hi Everyone,
Wonderful to be back on Woot. I’m up at the winery today in Amador County. Moving wine in from our Napa custom crush winery. Working off my tablet. I’ll be getting on throughout the day.
If you are in a state Woot doesn’t ship too, give us a call at the office, 707 968-9575. Ask for Carla or Jana. We well take care of you.

yea, we’ll get it there in fine working order.

welcome back Scott!

If any MN peeps want to split this, LMK! (coynedj)

Barbera?! and Scott Harvey!! In for 3, glad it does not go higher than three. You are saving me from myself.

What!? You’re not getting two for yourself?

Club pricing on these is over $19 and that doesn’t include tax or shipping.

We have words for you WD…

Scott, the nearly always asked question…

For those of us that don’t always get around to pulling corks in a timely manner, how do you see the '12 holding/evolving in a proper cellar?

Haven’t tried the Barbera yet- in for some of the recent Zin’s.

But after all the Barbera comments while the Zin’s were up, I’m eager to try these also. Scott Harvey is definitely becoming an autobuy.