Scott Harvey Mtn Selection Barbera (5)

Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera 5-Pack
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2012 Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera, Amador County
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This is a no brainier. And at this price! Snapped up a set last time they were offered.

+1 on the No Brainer!

Darn you WineDavid! Now I need to rent another locker! :wink:

Does someone have tasting notes on this?

Tasting notes? We don’t need no steenkin’ tasting notes! This is Scott Harvey Barbera!

Barbera that is. Red gold. Amador tea.

I love Barbera. I really love Amador County Barbera. I especially love Scott Harvey Amador County Barbera! That’s a whole lotta love…

Try this wine with some Pasta Bolognese and thank me later. :slight_smile:

In for 1… How does this compare to the 11?

A number of notes are in CT for this vintage. I also think one was opened at SoCal #40. I didn’t partake but I’m sure one of the others can throw some thoughts down.

Amador tea, love it! :slight_smile:

So, I was at my favorite wine merchant’s and a supplier came in to sell his wares; one of which was a Piedmont Barbera, which I reluctantly volunteered to taste. Never being one to speak with discretion, I said “I like the Amador County Barberas”, of course thinking “Scott Harvey”. And, Scott, I like your Mountain Selection better than the expensive stuff…nothing fancy, just delicious. And, no I haven’t tasted this vintage, but all have been similar and all have been excellent.

I’ve been reading everyone’s comments and reviews the past two months or so – all these years on woot and never really read comments that much, so was super stoked to start reading and absorb some great wine knowledge from you all. I jumped on this deal as soon as I could because of commenters here. Thanks and can’t wait to try my first Scott Harvey wine!

Stick around, ask questions. Part of the fun is getting to know everyone.

Scott Harvey always delivers In the QPR department and his red label wines are on the low end of his line up but are extremely approachable upon release. Great with food.

How does barbera compare to other varietals? I tend to like zinfandel, shiraz/syrah, cabernet, and merlot, in that order.

I’d say SH Barbera is a little lighter, with higher, ethereal notes that make it a pleasure to drink. It’s not heavy, and it doesn’t have any harsh tannins on the back end. Although I’m a wine sipper, and don’t usually drink it with food, you would want to drink this Barbera with lighter fare, not with a fatty grilled ribeye steak.

Doesn’t completely answer your question but here is a excerpt from Wikipedia that describes the wines generally made from Barbera.

I’d jump on this in a heart beat, but I have ten already and my son have five among the ton of other wines I have. You won’t regret any of Scott and Jana’s wine!!! Buy, Buy, Buy!!!

And if you want a real treat, buy some of Scott’s J&S Reserve, or branch out to his 1869 zin.

Hi Everyone,
Always wonderful to be on Woot and on a Saturday when I will be able get on the board throughout the day.
Jana and I had this wine with Halibut soaked in brine and then baked in parchment over corn, tomatoes and beans. The sweetness of the corn mixed with the coriander spiced Halibut went great with the bright red fruits of the Barbera. Needless to say we drank the whole bottle, then some. 2012 is turning out to be a great vintage, especially after the 2011 colder vintage. The 11% Syrah and 2% Petite Sirah add some weight to the center of the wine and the 4% Zinfandel adds structure.
The recipe for the Halibut is on page 58 of the June issue of Food & Wine.

We’ve tried to be more discerning in purchases over the past few months (just too much good juice in the collection already). That said, we bought these the last time they were offered a few months back and couldn’t resist again! (We were down to our last bottle) We brought this to share with some friends and everyone raved about how good it went with or without food. Easy choice of a re-buy (plus Scott and Jana are the best)!