Scott Harvey Mtn Selection Barbera (5)

Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera 5-Pack
$79.99 $144.00 44% off List Price
2012 Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera, Amador County

Love Scott’s Barbera. Can’t do it. Can maybe take 2 or 3 if somebody else will split.

If I didn’t already have two cases of this, I’d be adding more.

Scott really knows how to do his Barbera, and the mountain is really food friendly.

BINGO — always a great buy.

  1. Maybe. :wink:


I’ll take two.

Gah as much as it pains me I will probably have to pass unless someone doesnt want the whole set, could make room for 1 or 2

This looks really good.

Tried to buy some, but Virginia isn’t on the list (normal, always have to Wootleg to North Carolina).

But North Carolina isn’t on the list either…??? Bwuh? Error?

These shipping laws just SUCK. Ridiculous. (And I know, not Woot’s fault. And I’ve already contacted my congressman. And that worked like not at all. Need to send him a note again. ARGH!!!)

Auto-buy X 3 even though no room and we’re moving in the near term future

This has become our new every day drinker after we discovered Scott’s Barbara.

Scott is usually really good at helping out - once he gets online in a few hours he’ll probably tell you to call the winery and they’ll help you out

Have no room, already have 1 1/2 cases so ---- I’m in, love this juice.

Wonderful to be back on Woot and especially with Barbera. Yes, you are right. For those of you with no ship states, just call the winery at 707 968-9575 and we’ll take care of you. North Carolina should be put back on the list. It is only the InZinerator that is outlawed there. The Barbera is okay in North Carolina.
The sales of this 2012 Mt.Selection Barbera is the fasted growing item in our line up.
Barbera comes from the Piedmont of Italy. Both the Piedmont and Amador County are mountain grape growing regions up against fast young growing mountain ranges. Both the Alps and the Sierra Nevada are huge granite monolithic uplifts due to continental drift. And both have decomposed granite soils coming off the sides of them. The difference is that the Piedmont is close to a marine influence, the Mediterranean. During the growing season lots of fog comes up over Genoa to cover the Piedmont. The best variety of the Peidmont is named after the fog and is called Nebbiolo. It produces the most expensive wines of the Piedmont being Barolo and Barbersco. Barbera is a sun loving variety and gets the second best vineyard sites in the Piedmont. Now, you take Barbera to a similar mountain region in California, this time one with no fog during the growing season and the variety explodes. In Amador County it gets the best vineyard sites and I feel Amador produces the best Barbera in the world.

I recently enjoyed this wine alongside Indian (Ghobi Manchurian) and the star anise in the dish was such a wonderful pairing that thinking about it now has me wanting it for breakfast.

From the order page…

Glad I noticed that. I hate when Woot Wine tries to sneak in “reconditioned” or “blemished” wines.

Been waiting for these to show up since we got a bottle in a WSJ wines of the year case a few years ago. In for 2.

About time, been waiting to see this again. In for 3!

Great price. CellarTracker notes are not very complimentary. Need to think about this.

Did you see the above posts? I’m not sure why CT would sway you in the first place???

Done, and THANK YOU!