Scott Harvey Mtn Selection Barbera (5)

Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera 5-Pack
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2013 Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera, Amador County

Auto-buy X 3! My go to choice for wine!

Auto-buy for sure. Love Scott’s Barbera!

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Well Woot won’t ship to Virginia but Scott’s Barbera winery will. Why Woot!!!

This is a delicious, very drinkable wine for sure. I gotta check what I have already in stock!

Love this wine! Couldn’t resist.

Hi Everyone,
Happy Labor Day weekend. Good time to be on Woot. Beacuse of you Wooters, this Barbera has become our biggest selling wine. Amador County is rapidly becoming known as the best place in the world for Barbera. When you think of it. Barbera comes from a similar foothill region in Italy. The Peidmont (which means foothill in Italian) is a wine growing region up against a fast young growing mountain range, the Alps. Amador county is also in the foothills of a fast young growing mountain range, the Sierra Nevada. Both the Sierras and the Alps are gigantic granite uplifts due to continental drift and they both have decomposed granite soils coming off the side of them. The difference is the Piedmont is close to a large marine influence, the Mediterranean. Through out the growing season in the Piedmont a lot of fog comes off the Mediterranean and covers the vineyards. The best variety in the Piedmont is named after the fog and is called Nebbiolo. It makes the most expensive wines of the Piedmont being Barrolo and Barberesco. Barbera is a sun loving variety and gets the second best vineyard sites in the Piedmont. But take it to a similar foothill region in the Sierra Nevada and it thrives because Amador’s marine influence is to far way. It gets sun through out the growing season. WE give our best vineyard sites to Barbera.

We have always really liked this wine (and we like Scott even more). We have prior vintages (in multiple quantities). Has anyone tasted this vintage to offer some tasting notes and comparisons to prior years?

Hi Scott,
Are you able to do this deal to Va bypassing Woot?

Hey woot - add PA to the list of wine receiving states! They just passed the law allowing shipment of wine.

Here with my dearest friend… 2 for me and 1 for her! Have her converted to all of our wine.woot! favorites. Having some Scott Harvey Old Vine Reserve Zin right now!

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Scott Harvey Mtn Selection Barbera (5)
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Just about to place order, but need to know if this is SUMMER SHIPPING???

Hi Scott. Club Member here that gets shipments each quarter to SC. How do we get this offer shipped to SC??

Kind of looks like it. Not that it matters. Still too hot to ship wine. But the wineries don’t seem to care because folks keep buying and woot keeps selling :wink:

Only if Woot can’t deliver there. If they can’t, give us a call at the winery at 707 968-9575.

If SC is not on the ship to list, give us a call at the winery.

Since I live in AZ, Summer Shipping is a make or break for me. Scott? wine Woot?

Scott, can you explain why you are comfortable with shipping your wines in summer heat?