Scott Harvey Mtn Selection Barbera (5)

Scott will be signing one bottle!

Scott’s Mountain Selection Barbara is amazing! A very enjoyable wine at an affordable price. Getting one of the bottles signed is an added bonus. Thanks Scott! :slight_smile:

Can I keep these for another year (or so)? I will be drinking the ones I have from the last offer.

Signed bottle is a great bonus to an already auto buy wine. Scott, was looking forward to a wine dinner in Wooster but there doesn’t seem to be one this year. Are there any events in Ohio you are involved in?

We’ve had plenty of Scott’s Barbera over the past several years. We really love it, and it’s great with lots of different meals. It’s made pretty much in an old world style. If the '13 is anything like the previous vintages, it will easily last, and probably improve, over the next year or two, if you can resist drinking it before then. :tongue:

I found and drank a 2010 and 2011 this weekend. Both of them were excellent, still fresh with plenty of fruit left.
I have bought and drank the 2013 and will be reloading, love Scott’s Barbera.

Hi Everyone,
Happy Christmas aft.
The wine is made to last for many more years. You will be able to hold it for at least 10 more years.

We are taking a year off for the dinner at Wooster. Sure have had some great dinners there. The wonderful quality of the food sure makes my wines taste good.
We’ll probably be in Ohio, Cleveland, in July for a family reunion. Maybe we can schedule a private Woot event then.
Scott & Jana

I wanted to ask you to compare the two Reserve Barberas, but it turns out you already did that, in the comments when the J&S Reserve was up for sale:

I will probably check out Cellartracker to compare and contrast, but I don’t think this one needs a lot of deliberation.

That J&S has been a big hit with my friends and family this season. Even if this one isn’t quite the “nectar of the Gods”, no doubt it will be delightful.

For the record, the price of this 5-pack is 79.99 (same price as the 4-pack of the J&S Reserve).

The Mt. Selection is made to be a little more fruit forward. The J&S reserve is more elegant. The difference comes from the vineyards used for each wine. The wines are made the same as far as winery treatment goes.

Thanks, Scott.

Thanks, I’m in again!

Hopefully you won’t be away when the RPM tour comes through town.

When is the RPM tour coming to town?

last August :tongue: …?

What happened to it being in July?

When is it this year? Would love to host the Wooters again. Such a fun time!

I didn’t realize the difference was just due to fruit sources. Same harvest brix and such as well? Nice trick :slight_smile:
(Yeah, not a trick at all, but it’s interesting the dramatic difference just due to fruit selection)

Scott and I always share a few bottles when we have our meetings!!

Goes great with his spaghetti!!!