Scott Harvey Mtn Selection Barbera (5)

Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera 5-Pack
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2013 Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera, Amador County

First sucker: MarkDaSpark


Sis and I really like his White label (reserve) of this, but I like this one too!

Our kids like this better, so half will go to keep my son from the better bottles in my cellar! :wink:

My mystery case back in Feb-Mar 2016 had two bottles of the 2013 Mountain Selection Barbara. I hadn’t opened either yet, so I popped the cork on one and find it a quite pleasant wine. It’s not a particularly deep colored red, but it is one of those mouth-filling wines that I find very satisfying. (The label isn’t quite the same as that pictured, but I’m guessing it’s the same wine as that being offered.) My cellar is overflowing, but I’m in for one.

(I could sit here and drink this stuff all night. {s})

I haven’t had this vintage, but I tend to prefer the Mountain Selections to the White Label Reserves. Scott makes the Reserves more Old World, and I prefer the New World wines. The Barbera is always delicious, and makes me want to sip and sip some more.

Hi Everyone,
Great to back on Woot. This has been my go to wine of late. When I go into the cellar for a bottle of wine, I find myself pulling the Mt. Selection Barbera. It is tasting the best to me right now. The label on Woot is the older label, but the wine is the same.
We are bottling today, so will get back to the board on breaks. We are bottling a new wine, The Winemaker’s Reserve Zinfandel, which WineDrew and Jana are working the details out on for a future Woot offering.

Is it different from the winemakers reserve we have seen on TSO on occasion?

It will be the same wine.

I love Amador County Barbera in general and Scott’s in particular. His Mt. Selection Barbera is a perfect example of the QPR that has made wine.woot so successful over the last decade.

Try it with Italian fare instead of Chianti. I think it goes especially well with Bolognese sauce.

Amazingly quiet for a Scott Harvey offering.

Must just be that it’s Saturday;
or is everyone still working on taxes and has $$$ shock?

Easter eve, I reckon

Never made it back to Woot before the day ran out. It was a hectic bottling running into a couple of hours over time. Mote the norm, unfortunately.
Thanks for your support.