Scott Harvey Re-Mixed Red (5)

Scott Harvey Re-Mixed Red 5-Pack
$74.99 $174.00 57% off List Price
2 2006 Early Burgundy, Napa Valley
3 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Hills, Lake County
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First, the bad news: the original offer sold out at approximately 16:25.

Now the good news:

Same number of bottles. Slightly different configuration.


Now that I’ve placed my order, and summer shipping is in effect, I’m wondering when it will actually be shipped, and what will be the timing of the release of tracking info. I can’t take a chance on having a UPS truck attempt delivery at the FedEx location, or vice versa, so I’m having it shipped to my home address. It’s no problem to divert it to be held at the depot, as long as I know before the attempt delivery. It wouldn’t matter so much, except that we’ll be away from 7/5 to 7/14, which seems like a fairly likely delivery window.

You are aware of the 3 order limit, no? :wink:

Also of interest, cross-posted from the Pub:

Haven’t heard a peep since this provocation was posted…

Missed that provocation, but it doesn’t matter to me.

Adding fuel to the fire, are we?

Nor to me, but I do enjoy a good Kyle rant on the topic every now and then.

That turned into a real pub kill-shot.

I think it’s one of those slow, Friday afternoons. In fact, I need to stop checking the site and get ready to uncork the weekend!

Donde esta Scott?

someone say Scott Harvey Cab???

Last Wooter to Woot:

I think he said what needed to be said in the last thread – these wines were also in the offer that got sold out.

do you have link to that thread? or date? Thanks!

Just this morning!

And why hasn’t this sold out yet?

Because even though I want it I’m not sure I can justify it! Need somewhere to put the 5 overflow cases that isn’t the living room floor.

Fellow wooters, come help us drink our wine!