Scott Harvey Re-Mixed Red (5)

Scott Harvey Re-Mixed Red 5-Pack
$74.99 $174.00 57% off List Price
2 2006 Early Burgundy, Napa Valley
3 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Hills, Lake County
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It’s nice to see these older vintages. Did anyone try the early burg from the last time it was offered?

I thought about it Monday night but went with something else. Dammit.

We had some from the previous order. We popped it open as it was the only easy drinking red that I was very confident in terms of quality. It was extremely easy drinking, smooth. It was pale in color and had some predominant cherry flavor. I would buy this set if it wasnt for the fact that I’m going out of town for a while. This was the early burgundy we had, not the cab

I am reordering. I have one bottle of each left. They are both very subtle wines. Could be overpowered by intense food. They are really wonderful though. Kudos to Scott.

Sorry, I didn’t take any notes. If you want fresh from the palette notes, let me know which you want me to open.

Been to Napa, Chile and France for wines and have never come across “Early Burgundy.” Any help?

Appears to be a name for the Abouriou grape when grown in California.

Abouriou is the French name for what is sometimes called Early Burgundy. I had never heard of it before the initial offering.

Huh. Last Friday I finally unpacked my box of this from the last offer, and one of the bottles had leaked through the cork and into the packing. I contacted Woot support and they replied last night saying they no longer have the replacement order available…and here it is on Woot.

Anyway, I haven’t tasted it yet, but one of my bottles is damaged.

this must have been the first iteration of the scott harvey deal. one bottle did sell out. i bet that is what happenned.

No, it was the Remix - I was too late for the first. I imagine it’s just that one hand isn’t talking to the other. I would ideally like a replacement bottle of the Lake Country Cabernet Sauvignon to magically appear in place of the leaky one, but I know that’s not possible, and I am not really inclined to go to the trouble of trying to send a bottle back via FedEx.

Thought about buying this until my last order was delivered just minutes ago by FedEx. Thought it felt too warm…put the infrared thermometer on it and it read 84F! Think I’ll pass till summer’s over.

Never met a Scott Harvey or Jana label wine I did not like - a lot. Grabbed two of these. That plus the case of wine from the 10th Anniversary Celebration sale puts me just shy of two cases of Scott this month!

I gotta stop. I gotta stop. I gotta stop.

Two different negative comments about shipping… is there reason to be concerned Woot??

Reporting for duty…I just popped a bottle of the Early Burgundy from the June offering so I could provide comments.

It needs to warm a little more, I had stored it in the fridge and didn’t know I’d want to open it for this.

That said, I can’t really improve on Scott’s description of this wine. The nose is really great…red fruit and a bit of floral and spice. He describes it as Pinot Noir like in structure, and I agree with that…but don’t confuse that with flavor. Doesn’t taste like a pinot.

I’m not sure I’ve ever identified ‘cola’ in a wine before, but that’s one of the dominant flavors I get. I also get some sweet red fruits…but with a fleshy and creamy feel. Distinct floral finish after the cola that lingers on the palate.

Very light. Good for summer. I don’t taste any reason to hold it…seems pretty straight forward and simple.

I’m very glad I purchased so that I could try the grape and get Scott Harvey’s take on it. It’s not necessarily a do-over for me. If you’re interested in trying it and didn’t buy in June…I’d recommend you buy. It’s a solid QPR.

Which state?

Off topic: Doesn’t the summer shipping rate expedite shipping process?

The summer time shipping process used to actually it down because the wine was shipped a good part of the way in refrigerated trucks and then passed onto FedEx at a locations closer to the delivery point. At least that’s how I remember it working.


I don’t have time to give a detailed review, but after trying the 2006 cab from last round, this is a steal regardless if the Burg sucks (which is doubtful).