Scott Harvey Red Wine (6) - Your Choice

Scott Harvey 6-Packs - (Your Choice: Mixed Red Wine or Reserve Mixed Red Wine)
Scott Harvey Mixed Red 6-Pack $89.99
(2) - 2014 Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera, Amador County
(2) - 2013 Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Syrah, Amador County
(2) - 2013 Scott Harvey Three Stags Red Wine, California
Scott Harvey Reserve Mixed Red 6-Pack $139.99
(2) - 2012 Scott Harvey Old Vine Selection Zinfandel, Amador County
(2) - 2014 Scott Harvey J&S Reserve Barbera, Amador County
(2) - 2014 Scott Harvey J&S Reserve Syrah, Amador County

Damn tempting…I’ve got both the Barbera and Zin (white label) waiting up in Amador, but more is always better, right? And it’s a killer deal on the red label. Hmmm…

You’re killing me, WD. Brutal.

Crazy good deal for some top-notch stuff from Scott!

In for one of each-- If this exemplar for the way we’re going to end this run, I’m going to need to start making more money. Especially after yesterday…

Oh boy and I just finished digging myself out of debt. I do have a lot of scott harvey left from all those mystery cases, and was not a huge fan of the 3 stags wine. The reserve is tempting, but I have 1 out of 3 wines still left. Will just have to figure it out in the morning.

Could not decide which to try. “I choose… both”

This deal absolutely slams any club pricing, and I have none of the J&S vintages, at least in CT.

Double barrel!

I’ve had all of these, except the Three Stags, and they’re all outstanding, with an extra nod going to the Zin! Very nice deal indeed.

So, Scott, how do you rate the 2014 growing season in Amador County? Also, what about 2015 (for yesterday’s 1869 offer)?

Had to get one of each.

Never had a problem getting Harvey delivered to Maryland… Can someone confirm that is accurate?

2014 was the beginning of the drought and in 2015 we were in it full swing. Yields in 2014 were off by 20 to 30 per cent and in 2015 off by 50 to 60 percent. The more drought the more concentration you get in the wine but the less delicate the wine will be. The market tends to like wines with more concentration although I find delicate examples with levels of finesse to go better with a meal. So, you might be scratching you head with this explanation. But, what I’m saying is both vintages have their place depending on what you want.

Call the winery and we will take care of you with then same deal if woot can not ship to you. 707 968-9575.