Scott Harvey Red Wine (6) - Your Choice

Scott Harvey 6-Packs - (Your Choice: Mixed Red Wine or Reserve Mixed Red Wine)
Sold by: Scott Harvey Wines

Oh hell…good thing they now allow credit limit increases online

Well so much for me buying any tools or toys over at holiday.woot!

Time to get out the second card!

Loved the zin I bought in in October, but now Md. is off the list. No Scott Harvey for my Christmas stocking :frowning:

Please please please…a Cathedral offer for the road??

Would love to try this wine. I’d buy this offer.

To paraphrase Irwin:

“You’re killing me WD!”

Last Wooter to woot: MarkDaSpark
One of each.

I know this is a Woot-Off, but contact Scott Harvey directly even if your state is not listed and you cannot get to him until tomorrow. Chances are he will be willing to work with you. That’s what I did in October. It is a pleasure dealing with Scott, Monica, and/or Carla. (209) 625-6654