Scott Harvey Reserve Barbera (3)

Scott Harvey Reserve Barbera 3-Pack
$69.99 $̶1̶0̶9̶.̶0̶0̶ 36% off List Price
2009 Barbera, Amador County, J&S Reserve

This is the Barbera you want!

I am stocked up and seriously considering another 3. The mountain selection is very good and this takes it up a notch.

You haven’t bought this yet? No? Get thee to thy buy button! Yes. Now.

I really like this wine, but I have 3 in the fridge and I also see that has Forefathers Shiraz for $9.99 a bottle. 2 CASES PLEASE.

This wine is unbelievably delicious. If I wasn’t storing reds in the white section of my cooler I’d be in. Let me rephrase that: if I didn’t already have some and I didn’t have storage issues…

Many people rave about the Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Amador County Barbera. So THIS Barbera must really be the good stuff.

I have enjoyed the SH Barbera’s before, but have never tried the reserve. What makes this worth $25/bottle?

Always great to be back on Woot. People often ask me what my favorite wine to drink is. I always answer, “what ever Jana wants to drink”. But, they never ask me what my favorite wine to make is, and that would be Barbera. Why, because it makes the best wine in Amador county and everyone likes success.

This is a vineyard I planted in 1986 with the help of my grandfather and father-in-law. In 1997 it was rated the best Barbera in America by the Wall Street Journal and in 2003 it was rated in Italy as the third best Barbera in the world.

Scott how does this compare to the 2007 & 2008 that I’ve had before (and I think still have some of)?

You make a barbera for Amador County, Mountain Select and J&S Reserve. Are there certain flavor profiles that separate the three?

love this wine, busy day, no time, digging one out to taste, gotta do it, hopefully it lasts long enough in the WO. Last I bought of this was directly from SH - which included two very tastefully logo’d crystal glasses (thanks mr. Harvey!)

Both the 2007 and 2008 where a blend of Vineyard 1869 and Manby. The 2009 is a blend of Vineyard 1869 and Spinetta. The Spinetta has more red fruit while the Manby more dark fruit. So this wine has more bright red fruit than the previous two. The specs are pretty much the same on all three.

From what I know, and based on his online storefront, I believe he has just the two Barberas (Mountain Selection and the J&S reserve) both of which are from Amador Country. If there’s a third, my search skills (or lack thereof) are not finding it.

Cellartracker lists all three. Maybe SH can clarify.

Dang…sounds even more up my alley. Guess you managed to get my siwbm to crumble!

Thanks always for your wine, and when we make it up to Napa, your hospitality.

The Mt. Selection has darker fruit and is a little richer and approachable. The J&S Reserve is more a leaner first growth quality wine. Brighter red fruits and more acidic. More of an elegant food wine.

We produce only the two Amador County Barbera’s. The Mt. Selection and the J&S Reserve.

Thank you.