Scott Harvey Three Stags Red Blend (5)

I’m feeling a bit burned having missed the well-regarded Reserve Barbera yesterday, so my first impulse was to get in on this.

However, a quick online search is showing this wine rating in the mid-80s, including WE.

As much as I believe Scott Harvey should be an auto-buy, I’m going to pass.

I would urge you to reconsider…but to each their own. This is a go-to every day drinker for us…wonderfully on the dry side of the house

In for one set, my third time buying this blend from woot.

Oh Georgia, you’re killing me!!

Actually, this time, in the case of Scott’s, it isn’t GA’s fault. …it is an issue of red tape with some T’s that have yet to be crossed between Amazon and the winery itself.

Whats up with WA not being on the latest sell to lists?? I’ve bought from all these wineries (Scott Harvey, Wellington) in the last few weeks but now WA isn’t on the approved list for the latest offers.

Sorry to missed getting on while this was running. Just brought in 11 tons of reserve Barbera from the Manby vineyard. Was a little busy moving grapes.