Scott Harvey Wines Beso Mixed Case

Scott Harvey Wines Beso Mixed Case
$99.99 $229.00 56% off List Price
2011 Ultimo Beso, California Red Wine Blend
2012 Primer Beso, California Alsatian Style White Wine
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Scott Harvey is one of the country’s leading proponents of the “Old World” style of wine-making. The Alsatian style white wine in this offer is a perfect example. The red is perfect with salad of roasted beets, goat cheese, and mixed greens, with a light vinaigrette. At this price, an absolute steal!

Description for the red says barbera but specs say syrah/petite syrah?

FYI, these are the exact same wines as Scott’s “One Last Kiss” red & white blends. Also, the red is nearly identical to his InZinerator but with a higher % of Port.

I’ve paid anywhere from $15-$20/bottle for these wines previously so I echo d-dog’s statement that these are an absolute steal at this price!

Go with the specs.

Late night wine buys and buying <$100 12 packs from Woot are usually no-nos. But what the hell?.. It’s Scott Harvey. What could possibly go wrong?

I promised my daughter that while filling her cellar in anticipation of my visit next summer, I would get some wine for her as well. This looks like the perfect case for her and her boyfriend. They are not sophisticated, experienced wine drinkers and it sounds like the red and the white will be ideal wines for them to enjoy and start to learn how to appreciate quality wine without being overwhelmed.

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Some info about the Symphony grape varietal in California, used in the Primer Beso here.

Any idea why the two separate labels if it’s the same wine?

This deal looks fantastic, and I can’t remember ever not liking one of Scott Harvey’s wines, but I don’t need an entire case if it right now.

Marketing. Phased old label out and started fresh with this label.

No reviews nor CT notes anywhere! Rattage would have been appreciated even if its a SH wine.

Agreed, the white sounds interesting, but the quantity of port in the red definitely does not seem like my style. I did not like the sweetness in the incinerator and that was 6% port, this is 12%. Probably a pass.

Actually, it’s 12% port varietals, not 12% port. In Portugal, they make bone dry wines with the same grapes they use to make Port, and some of them are really good. That said, this red is 2% RS, and not everyone likes that. We’ve found a few really nice pairings, including the salad I mentioned above, which we would serve after the main course.

These are a deal! Easy drinkers. One could almost say ‘guzzler’. :wink:

Primer Beso (white):
Nose: Nice interesting nose! Pineapple, green pepper, under ripe pear.
Palate: very smooth. Honeysuckle, guava, light butter. Also picking up Green grapes, mead, pear, melon, tiny touch of grass, bell pepper
Balance: not enough acidity to be a complex wine.
Conclusion: very easy drinker, not to pair with food.

Ultimo Beso (red)
Nose: Like a winery! Cedar, spoiled fruit, plum, black cherry, prune, cloves

Palate: My first instinct is a surprising amt of tannins, but maybe I’m too sensitive to that! Also: Red current, fruity, warm going down, hint of port taste, but NOT a sweetish wine. Actually slightly tart.
Also lots of spices - cloves, nutmeg, woody.
Finish: That of a hot mulled wine - spicy, warm, fruity.
Good holiday wine in front of fireplace.

The specs are correct. In the past I have used some Barbera in this blend. But not in this vintage. Both the One Last Kiss and Ultimo Besso were bottled together out of the same blend. We produced 363 cases as One Last Kiss and 280 cases as Ultimo Beso. We thought there might be some interest in the Latin American community. But there is not enough, so we are discontinuing the Ultimo Beso label. That is why this such a good deal.

The Port in this wine is our 2011 Forte wine, which is all Port style wine. None of the 12% port varieties was dry wine.

For some reason, I’ve been saving my Ultimo y Primer Besos from a previous purchase, so haven’t tried them yet. However, with my blind faith in Scott Harvey, I’m in for a case. That way, I’ll know I have enough bottles and won’t hoard them.

Hi Scott

I loved your 2011 Inzinerator. Is this wine noticeably sweeter?

How would you compare/contrast the two wines?


The wines started out as the same blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Syrah. The InZinerator had 6% Forte added whole this wine had 12% Forte. The wine has twice the RS as the InZinerator but still doesn’t taste overly sweet because of the low pH/high acidity. This wine is still dryer than some of the cult Zinfandels such as the Rombauer Zin.