Scott Harvey Wines Beso Mixed Case

Scott Harvey Wines Beso Mixed Case
$99.99 $229.00 56% off List Price
2011 Ultimo Beso, California Red Wine Blend
2012 Primer Beso, California Alsatian Style White Wine

The red sounds more or less like an InZinerator, heck of a deal for a case of Scott Harvey wine!

IIRC this was a side project that didn’t pan out?

I bought this last round but I haven’t had the chance to try it yet… Anyone get to?

FYI This is a GOOD case! I bought it last summer and everyone gulped it right down.

Same wines as the One Last Kiss red/white but aimed at the Hispanic/Latin demographic. Also, the red as you noted is similar to InZin, it has just a little more Port so slightly sweeter than InZin but basically the same.

Any tasting notes?

Yes, have had both under both labels, even. Off-dry crowd-pleasers at a bargain basement price, can’t go wrong!

Minnesota was on the previous Beso offering I thought and I missed it. Why wouldn’t it be listed for this one?

So what is the short answer to why I was able to buy the Wellington and not the Scott Harvey, I’m in Wisconsin.

Well no wonder Minnesota isn’t shaded… no shipping!? Hit the buy button and got roadblocked. Must be the strange new(ish) shipping rules as I have bought Scott’s wines in the past. Bring on the next item.

Ordered this last time, and it was a steal. Great easy drinking wine, and a great deal. Love me some Scott Harvey wine! I just dropped 5 bills on a few other SH wines, so I can’t jump in, but if I found $100 in an old shoe, I would be in!

Interesting. I have bought this from Woot in the past few months and I reside in Madison.

They probably didn’t update the ship-to list from the previous time this was offered, apparently before MN and WI were added back on the list. Wine.woot is way sloppy like that, I catch mistakes in the ship-to list and wine specs all the time, you’d think they could afford to have someone actually get paid to make sure they are providing correct info and have an updated ship-to list, wouldn’t you? They could hire me to do it, I already work from home, lol…

Did you buy it from the regular daily offer in August or the Plus deal in October?

I think you’re right, because Tennessee isn’t on the ship-to list for this offering, but an order earlier today for Scott’s wine went through Woot and Amazon without any problems.

Got a call form the home office. I could not resist getting ANOTHER bottle of the huge, fantastically awesome 3L bottle of Cathedral. I was running low on Cathedral in general. I have not told my wife yet. Scared silly!

This is the third time I’ve purchased the mixed Beso… Guess that says something for the wine (or about my drinking habits!). They are both very easy sippers, and I’m happy that I can restock.

Yes, TN was added back at the same time as GA, WI, & MN none of which are listed for this sale.

Oh, I thought you meant that you bought the Beso from woot recently. As for the 3L, “honey, it’s just one bottle” haha. :wink: