SCOTTeVEST SportTec jacket - Size XXL


[imgleft][/imgleft] SCOTTeVEST SportTec jacket - Size XXL - Friday, November 18, 2005
Item qty: 16, Last Order: 1:25 AM CST, Wooter to blame: wannadanc
Order Pace: 0m 8.847s, Woot Wage: $10,276.96/hour.


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I am so confused. Is woot going crazy, or am I?


oo kinda big for me though :frowning:


XXL only? no thanks!


How many of us are XXL ? WTF. for FAT wooters only, just right for you EVAN.


16 pockets…that’s a good stealin jacket :slight_smile:




Nice jacket, way too big though… bring on the next woot!


haha omg goes perfect wiht my tec hat hah


only XXL =(
I’d buy if they had smaller

SCOTTeVEST SportTec jacket - Size XXL
$29.99+ $5 shipping


Well this is gonna be awhile. :confused:


i dont like the idea of a reflective strip on the back, but it’s the right size!


This thing is freaking awesome! I bought none!


Yeah, I wish i wasn’t a thin girl right now. I’d be warm


jeez…this one is XXL and it’s selling out fast…what’s so great about it…

stupid plankton…sighs at least the coral are interesting
(studying for an ecology exam)


Oh scottevest…they are so absolutely nerdy and unstylish.

Maybe if they could fix them up a little they woudl be cool but my actual nice jackets still ahve plenty of pockets (with provisions for headphones and the such) without looking like nerdcakes.


I am XXL, and I am debating wether or not to get this, it could come in useful for the winter, but I don’t know



I can put to of me in there.



I wouldn’t recommend running wires through it if going to the airport :wink: