If the shirt is long enough, this exactly won’t be able to be worn by a male in public.

Happy Halloween Woot!

Woot is printing outside of their own print margins?! Madness !

I imagine the woman must be screaming about the non-traditional design placement, but I’m kinda digging it.

The shading on this is amazing.


My belly has a face! It’s name is S-C-R-E-A-M!

I like the textures on this one and the nice one color print… not so sure about the placement.

Different + a little disturbing, but not entirely unattractive.

I love the placement of this design! I hope shirt.woot is branching out. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Psycho, Sunset Blvd. and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

The description says the image is centered. Which is correct woot?

Centered versus left or right. They don’t usually refer to upper/lower… at least I haven’t seen them do so.

As a member of Woot’s staff, even of you are in a different department, please don’t refer to your employer as “they” and “them.”

Is this another The Scream reference?

Came here to say pretty much that. I’m surprised woot.shirt didn’t think about that first. They usually have dirty minds.

They/them is the shirt staff. They is them and not me. We be in different departments and have different roles.

Very cool design. This isn’t my usual thing, but the positioning and design itself are very well done.

Not my type of shirt, but that is an incredibly nice design. Well done.

Placement is great for pregnant woman…