Screaming Mini Monkey Keychain with Woot Cape

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Screaming Mini Monkey Keychain with Woot Cape
$1.49 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Too early for the curtain call. Interesting placement…

Very disappointing woot-off :’(

A mini monkey

Wait, these are the same ones as two woot-offs ago. Still time for more wooting! WOOT!

now everyone can get this monkey off their back.

It ain’t over til the monkey screams

If the shipping wasn’t five bucks I might buy one just to keep this woot off going.

These are great! Yes, they make a sound.

instead of a boc we get a pos

I bought three of these last time- SO CUTE! but unfortunately, you gotta watch out with that keyring while launching…

How much damage does this monkey cause with keys attached? hehe

I’ll take a mini to compensate for my big monkey…

Now you can take your monkey with you where ever you go.

MAke sure to remove keys before launching monkey into flight.

It’s just a little airborne, it’s still good it’s still good!

these usually signal the woot off end …nooooooooooo

where are the buckets of carp???

We get it woot, you just don’t love us the way we used to, we spent to many late nights away, and your starting to think we traded you in for daily steals. But woot, we still love you, Just please… stop tearing at our heart strings, your destroying our relationship

It’s a lead in to the Boggy Old Creature…I just know it!