Screaming Mini Monkey Keychain with Woot Cape

In for 3. Now my christmas shopping is done for family members I don’t like.

In last BOC and was the best thing in the box., which isn’t much of a compliment.

shipping cost is what is keeping me from pulling trigger on 3 of these

edit - ok reconsidered and pulled trigger on 3 before they sold out

Monkeys like to steal keys.

<-- likes the little monkeys!!!

my dogs love these things! the regular and giant monkeys last longer with the german shepard around, but these are just the right size for my yorkies

Buy these, and shoot 'em, and you will have “Purple Rain”! LOL!

They are going fast. Get your monkey’s before they are all gone.

Somewhere, there is somebody who has ALL the monkeys–probably a mod, might be in shipping–either way, monkey-collector rules them all!

Too bad it’s not a Woot! sock monkey keychain…

So, is this it?

what’s wrong with Mortimer’s foot? gasp

Been awhile since I bought the family some woot monkeys, and purple is a great cape color too!

it came with my last Bag of Craps. It does scare my 4 months old baby crying out loud…

Wait, do these ones have “Woot” or “Wooy” capes?

How many little monkeys make a big monkey?

I never noticed the warranty before…

Warranty: None!

That is freakin funny.

Super Monkey to the rescue! Bring us the good deals buddy and fight the bad ones off!

Now were talkin something of interest

Love these guys… got 3 a couple years ago… have one hanging from my monitor @ work & home and another hanging from my rear-view in the car.

Their rubber wrists deteriorate over time and their poor hands fall off - TIME FOR MOARRRRR!!!