Screaming Monkey with Woot Cape

Well, good times.

Aww man…I actually wanted this :frowning:

Nice, got 3 :slight_smile:

where did everyone go?

wait WTF. I wanted one. whats up with the wierd speed to first woot thing being 20h


I tried and failed to score the monkey, and now the Wootoff is over, sigh…

Wow, no comments…

is this the end of the woot off…

i wanted one of those gorillapods…

in for 2!

where is the bags of crappe?

ooh, everybody loves monkeys. I’m trying to woot it, but it says I’m waiting in line. :frowning:


Is the woot off over?

Bag of crapoid?

Is this really it???

Woot Monkey 3!

So the rumor is true.
The BOC is gone forever and the monkey is the new BOC.