Screaming Monkey with Woot Cape

“Screams like the souls of the damned stretching on the racks of Hades” this is one of the best i heard. awesome

Screaming Carp with Woot Cape?

OH how I love my monkey!

dum dee doo

well i wonder what tomorrows woot is

Sadness. was looking forward to a boc

I hate monkeys.

That’s why I got 3 of these last WootOff.



I have now seen it all!! Something to sprink my bacon salt on. YIPEE!!!

OMG, scare my dog all the time, kinda fun and the lights are back on

Screaming Monkey with Woot Cape

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condition: Screaming
product: 1 Screaming Monkey with Purple or Orange Cape
Color: Orange, Purple

do they really scream?

My cat loves these. Too bad she blew her allowance on catnip and bacon salt,

Now that is more like it!

do they really scream?

My dogs love these.

in the words of John McCain…I have a deep dark feeling this is the end, my friends…

damn these are hard to buy