Screaming Monkey with Woot Cape

That’s all folks!

…and we are done.

is it possible to have to many flying monkeys?

and we’re done…

Totally just bought monkeys.

“your order is in. YOU’RE ALL SET NOW.”

…and so endeth the Woot!-off

bye bye woot-off! atleast i got my bag o crap this time

why did i buy 3

Screaming Monkey is obviously a Bruins fan! Black and Gold!

Monkeys for 2 hours? Really, Woot?

Worst wootoff ev

oh how i love thee


really a stupid monkey an hour before midnight? what happen guys couldnt find any more garbage to take an hour to sell?

no BoC for me but i did get me some screaming monkeys lol

Well, the lights are still on, so there is hope…

gotta collect them all! Wottoff-mon

Happy Happy HAPPY!!! No stupid ending this time, LOVE this cape!!! :slight_smile:

these are the best… love my screaming monkeys… so do my dogs! :smiley: