Screaming Monkey with Woot Cape

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Screaming Monkey with Woot Cape
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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hmmm the monkey already?

Well thats a shame

Woot off is over…

this is an old one right?

That was unexpected.

At 11:30? A bit early, dontcha think?



Really Woot? Just like that?

Oh dear. Say it ain’t so, Woot.

Maybe you like the Cincinnati Bengals???

no baggie o’ carpie?

Seems awfully early to have the monkeys.

Repeat screaming monkey from last woot-off too.

not over, these are left overs from last time around…

Where’s the BOC?

Please tell me this is not the only monkey for this woot off. I have him already.

Might get one after i choke my chicken