Screaming Woot Monkey - Your Choice

cyber monday wootoff and we start with this? woot I am disappoint.

Screaming Woot Monkey - Your Choice
Price: $3.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day
Condition: New


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These must be the ones missing from the end of the last woot off.

Really? And I thought the Kindle was a Woot off killer the other day. Same response, good nite!

not much of a choice, i already have both of these

I waited up for a #&@%$ monkey? This woot off is officially dead to me!

I love you, Woot, but no thanks!


and the woot-off before that one, and the woot-off before that one, and the woot-off before that one, … (get the drift?)

Y’all really know how to play w/people’s minds, y’know?

The last woot-off got behind schedule and this was supposed to be part of it. It’ll pass.

On Facebook, woot said today’s woot-off will be their lowest prices all year.

That’s a strong claim to make. I’m gonna be staying up a few hours.

If you don’t have a Screaming Woot Monkey they are a bunch of fun and you should get one. I got one ages ago (cause you have to if you are a true wooter) and it has since been commandeered by my little cousin.

If you have one already… hope a lot of folk don’t and want one. Or buy a spare and get that $5 shipping out of the way early.

If there were still combined shipping I would get a couple just to get the $5 taken care of now. Shame they did away with that.

I was excited for my first woot… not excited anymore

Say what you will about the monkey… but their cyber Monday video is pretty funny.

Yeah. I probably would, too.

It’s $5 shipping per order. not the old $5 shipping per day.

Um, what?

Mine was a ton of fun for everyone but the cat. As soon as he found it unguarded, he destroyed it. Guess something 1/4 your size being shot at you while screaming isn’t so funny.