Screaming Woot Monkey



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Screaming Woot Monkey
$1.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $8 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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i have this one already :confused:


Zorro the Woot Monkey?


Well this is the second monkey for this woot off.
(that I am aware of)

anyone else think it’s funny that its cape says one day one deal


Too bad there’s no elf or Santa monkey…


so tempted to buy this monkey just in case i miss out on something but so far the woot off has been pretty meh so i wont.


New style monkey. Bah, humbug.


only because he screams. i bought a non-screaming one once and “oh emm gee” that guys is sooooo boring.


Bought a few screamimg monkeys last year and one of them were defective and it would start screaming at the slightest movement. So I did the right thing and gave it to my buddy who’s son loves monkeys. Was later told the monkey now resides off I95 in a ditch after they couldn’t take it screaming after every bump they hit while driving.


Now i know woot is lying about the original item price about all of its items. I have been a member since the old days and its has been a few years and i dont remember them monkey selling for anything more than 1.99. Not sure why wootazon showing the original purchase price as $9.99. I knew wootazon cant be trusted. Woot is been single handedly destroyed and we cant do anything about it. Thanx for nothing amazon.


Will only buy self spanking screaming monkeys now.


this monkey better break out and start woot offs on all the categories~!


Has anyone else noticed that all the other woot-offs (kids, sports, wine etc) have ceased? Pretty sure this is the end for this woot-off as well. Oh well.


This must be a truly unique monkey.



Does the BoC even exist anymore??? Am I missing Something??


Welcome to Amazon, how my I help you? please hold.


It hasn’t been around in awhile. I think it has been mentioned that they sometimes give them away with Facebook / Twitter promotions and such. I don’t do Facebook / Twitter, and I haven’t seen a BOC since the redesign of the site when it totally crashed the woot-off for most of the day.


Have you every called Amazon’s customer service? I’ve never been asked to hold or had to wait, their callback service is fast and they have perhaps the best customer service in the industry.