Screaming Woot Monkey

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Screaming Woot Monkey
$3.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $8 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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that’s all folks

It’s all over.

Yay! A new monkey!

Worst Woot-Off ever? Just might be!

Worst Wootoff ever!

Not really, I bought more today and yesterday than ever…so

Most Expensive Wootoff Ever!

Pretty decent Woot-off. See you at midnight CST!

The fat lady sang!

These are awesome, but my two youngest already have one each, non-woot-branded, and they drive me nuts!!!

Oh no! Was really hoping to catch one of those folding wash basins - didn’t see those go by this time… :frowning: Oh well - still a huge fan - thanks for the fun Woot!

but no bag o crap…

Too bad they’re ending on a rerun, but that has been the theme.

Aww it’s over… :…(

Is this the same monkey as the last one?


You screamed. We listened.

Need different capes please, monkey collecting requires variation.

But yeah, this was the woot-off rerun variant so I guess its appropriate to have flaming monkeys again.

weren’t these the ones sold last woot-off?

Can’t believe I got it first! first

Lousy end just like the last Wootoff! An OK rendition of items, so why not sign off with something special!!