Screaming Woot Monkey

Darn, no clue on the last item? Give the people a chance!

Thank you, and good night!

che che meh…

Alas, he is a rerun from December, 2012.

But hope springs eternal that there is more fun to be had …

Power to the 90%?

“Didn’t need no welfare state… everybody pulled his weight… gee the old La Salle ran great… those were the days” (When Amazon didn’t own Woot and Woot-Offs didn’t suck my white nether regions)

I said it over at kids.woot and I will say it over here - Can we please have some NEW monkeys? The last new ones I got were from CES in January. That’s a long time to go without new monkeys. I am in withdrawal here.

**Item: **Screaming Woot Monkey
Price: $3.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $8 Two-Day
Condition: New

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Where’s the “I’ve seen the End” cat pic. :wink:

It’s tradition!

… Unless it’s a red herring, which I doubt.

I’m tempted, if only for the exasperation and irritation of my sister and her husband as they try to outrun the boys in an effort to exterminate these monkeys. Bwahahahaha…

I think their dog may deserve one, too. :slight_smile:

When’s the last time they had a new monkey? The Whoot one?

When was the last time a BOC was for sale?

This x1000!

That’s the last one I bought and since I am an obsessive collector … I actually look forward to getting a new addition to the desk at work …

Missed the entire woot off. Anything good? Was there a Benevolent Overlord Creator?

I have extras of almost all the woot monkeys, even the famous first red caped woot monkey! PM me with your offer, serious inquiries only. (note: the rarer the monkey, the more $$$ I will be expecting).

When the Accessories and Watches site launched. I missed out on it :frowning:

Time before that: April Fools’ Day when tools and garden launched (my first and only)

Lesson: Beg for more sites to launch


And WHY is it the best Woot-Off ever?

Let’s take stock:
+100 for the fun way to get BOC’s
-10 because I didn’t get to catch any of the clues quickly enough to figure them out
-5 for no bacon coffin
+50 for Shirt.woot woot-off
+25 for the filter chosen for this fucking awesome woot-off



(Don’t ban me plz. ^_^)