ScreenPlay 4805 Entertainment Bundle

[imgleft][/imgleft] ScreenPlay 4805 Entertainment Bundle - Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Item qty: 500, Last Order: 4:50 PM CST, Wooter to blame: Hortman100
Order Pace: 2m 0.570s, Woot Wage: $20,775.75/hour.

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Quality posts (posts worth reading):
[]sublett has one already, and knows about ceiling mounts
]Snapster uses a 4805 for his media center PC
[]97camaro bought one back in August, and found this review
]Same goes for bpreston85 on both counts
[]mprover lays down the law about brightness and whatnot
]FireHawk70 has the very similar X1 and digs it big time
External reviews and other research aid[list]
[*] A review of projector reviews, with several mentioning the 4805.[/list]

WOOT IS ALL YOU NEED ™ - All you need is woot [;)]

ScreenPlay 4805 Entertainment Bundle $699.99 + $5 shipping

If you put this package deal together elsewhere it would run $1000 or more!!

hey… more stuff at the w-w-w link below

Nice WOOT! I’m In!

ScreenPlay 4805 Entertainment Bundle
$699.99+ $5 shippin

How about some high-tech camping gear?

WOOTTHEHELL!? ™ - So… woot the hell is wrong with you?

Another post quickly spammed, free + $0 shipping

I am in on this this time… Spam is awesome guys.

Best price on Froogle for new - $0.


If I bought one of these, I could put it on top of my car and play Cowboys and Indians! Like OMG!

SWEET! It’s about time the screen came with a projector.

wish i had the cash… or the need. cool woot i guess.

Got me an Infocus already. Love it.

Oh well…

shesh! It is a woot requirement to have at least 1 Refurb DLP projector per week?

These things must really be reliable! (pfft)

Would be nice to see something worth buying.

Which is worth more the DVDs or th projector?

i am actually in the market for a projector…
but - not a refurb

and- not one bundled with gak

again - no thanks woot :frowning:

how i long for a B.O.C.

stupid, WHY did i stay up for this?? Already god confussed with yesterdays woot

as if I had the money to afford it. Not a bad deal though, for the richer people. Hopefully this’ll show up in a week from now with a price drop like the speakers did!

Too rich for MY blood, too…

Heh, the Matrix DVDs really sweeten the deal.

Sounds like a cheap projector though, any reviews?

Saving my money for World Series tickets, go Cardinals!!!

Daaaang, nice Woot.

No No No not good refurbed crap