Scrub, My Pretty

I suddenly have a craving for Mountain Dew

So funny. Really like it.

We must have a real group of working class joes here.

When we see a witch melted and dead, do we see a cause for grand celebration?

Nope, we just think of the poor sap who has to clean the mess up afterwards.

Well, I guess it’s appropriate that Kansas would make the first buy.

Monkey looks great (and grumpy).

Anyone else find it funny that the hottest place on the heat map for this shirt is Kansas?

OK, this is an awesome shirt, there is no question.

I’m just not sure I can pull it off, given that I have a penis. I love Wicked and all, but I’m not so sure I can wear a shirt proclaiming it without losing my man card.

I don’t think you’re wearing it right bro. It’s not suppossed to go down there…

That monkey needs the Sorcerer’s Apprentice magic mops.

Congrats on the print Dianasprinkle.

I like how you took a slightly gross concept and yet managed to eek out a bit of cuteness from it.

Wooo, yay! I’m happy this guy went up before Halloween! When I originally sketched the design I had a black cat instead of the monkey… I ended up changing that at everyone’s suggestion and I like it so much better.

Poor Buffkin O_o

Diana this is SO clever! Kudos and congrats to you.

Very nice design. Flying Monkeys FTW!

I just you will know the exact sales numbers tonight :wink:

Awesome design!!! My nephew is gonna flip when he gets this for Christmas :slight_smile:

That is exactly the face I make when I am mopping the floor for the 4th time in a day, thx puppies. D:

That flying monkey better be happy they don’t have an entire house to clean up.

agreed… as is clearly stated ‘not for use as pants’