Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner – 2 Pack

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Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 2 Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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At least these are not refurbished…

Does this product get rid of chocolatey streaks in the toilet bowl? I’m in for 2 if this is the case.

Finally, an item I’ve never before seen on Woot! Fascinating.

Well…not that fascinating. Boring actually.

Does this work with a Mac?

Why would you put chocolate in the toilet?

Only with I-crapper v.1.0, its incompatible with v.1.1 and above.

Lets just say its not actually chocolate but is the same color and consistancy of a melted kit kat.

Crap (ha)… looks like they have about 1,000 of these.

Different, in a bad way.

I actually think that Paul Simon would appreciate the desecration (defecation) of his song…

Given the cleaning products during this WootOff I would say they must have the cleanest offices!
shamwow, automop, toilet flushing converters, bissell mop and now this?

Video of this awesome device in action

What if its bulky and chunky like a snicker bar ? will it clean that out as well

This is a woot killer if you read the reviews on amazon. It works, but is expensive to use because of monthly refills, bad for the environment and sometimes goes off when people are using the toilet. If the timing is right, I suppose it will serve as a chemical bidet, but your guests may not appreciate it.

Skip this one.

i bet this comes with a BOC, but boy these are useless.

About a B- rating from Amazon. LINK:

Anything that gets me out of scrubbing a toilet is ok in my book