SCX C3 F1 Slot Car 1:32 Scale Racing System

Eeeee! Just like when I was a kid!

Wow, that’s an old school style racing kit.

I didn’t know I was on kids wootoff.

Madness?! This ain’t kids.woot! (boot into pit of death)

'slots of fun!!!

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I WANT ONE! (but my wife says my toy chest is full enough already)

seems high for slot cars i swear i paid like $5 for these when i was a child. oh and a phone call only cost a dime and all that jazz freakin economy

WTH?? I had one of these when I was a kid, it was like $20 tops. Does it run on uranium instead of electricity?

I’ve owned a number of these kinds of racetracks throughout my life and even adjusting for inflation I don’t think I’ve ever paid a C-Note for any of them. Then again, you get what you pay for. Maybe this one does something those others didn’t?

No kiddin.

To Marysmiles,check on the HP site for the drivers for your monitor.


is this in the right place?

in for 3… not!

… I need a bedroom TV!

I think these are fairly big or something and dats why it costs so many dollars. Maybe woot should include something in the pic for scale purposes… Like a dollar bill or something…

EDIT: “Dimensions of Each Slot Car (Ferrari F2008 Slot Car and ING Renault F1 R28 ): 5.5” x 2.0" (L x W)"

Woot off and this comes up… I have a feeling we’ve come to an all stop and will be here awhile. Off to get coffee and do some work!

Can you get expansion track kits for this, so that you can have a larger layout?

I remember soldering all kinds of little bits of metal on the bottom of these when the contacts wore out…