SCX NASCAR Superspeedway Set

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SCX NASCAR Superspeedway Set
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Just an FYI this thing is a peice of crap used it once and it is no longer functional POC

bring on the crap!

Worst woot of the night BY FAR.

I hope there’s only 1 of these!

Yehawww, its NASCAR time. Hey Woot how about a Woot car!!! Screamin monkey and !!!

shhhhh, nobody is going to buy one now

Sad. Looks like there’s 100 of these. Bleh.

This racing set can be a lot of fun… a good break from video and computers.

SCX is currently in reorganization and thus the reason you see a lot of the stuff on sale, however, they will return in 2013 with a new product line.

analog version of a digital video game.

So the East coast is waking up. Or they really like their Nascar…

That sounds impossible, been racing these cars for 30 years and never seen a set die after one use… you may need to read on how to use it or make sure the track connections are correct.

Not sure about that being the reason. We’ve sold SCX stuff for a couple years at least. They come out with new models pretty often so older ones go on sale.

I have no first hand info on this (except for our sales). Just guessing.

I am sure of this, not a rumor… they filed for reorg and won’t have any new product in 2012.

Is SCX pronounced like “sux” ?

Will it work with my Macbook Pro?

Just a heads up… these are great to grab and donate to Toys For Tots, not expensive, but a great gift for a some kid without, I do it every time I see them here.

its: S C X

It’s an offshoot of Scalextric of the UK, only in Spain.

wise guy lol


Spain you say?