SCX NASCAR Superspeedway Set

Link to the info on SCX’s reorg:

Yeah, not disagreeing on their reorg status. Just not positive that’s the reason they’re here. We’ve sold them before. That’s all I meant.

I meant in general, they are selling a lot of stuff everywhere, you see hobby dealers and stores blowing it out.
Good time to grab stuff cheap lol

Kinda late now, but I purchased one of these during the normal woot sale. I’ve only set it up once, but it worked great. My almost-3 year old loved it. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of room in our house to leave it up full time. He leaned on one of the pieces and broke it, but not enough so that it stops working. I looked into replacement pieces and they’re as much as a full set. So I saw this set at another deal-a-day site and grabbed it. Put two of these together and get a big track. I wish I had been up for this one though so I could grab a few more.