SDAT 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System

I’m bored.

6ohm impedance? Is that odd? I thought they usually were 4 or 8.

“Theatre” -> Its obviously the British model

just bought a Bose system…darn

does anyone know if this will work with an xbox 360 and/or LG lcd tv?

now, this looks like a pretty decent deal if you are in the market for something similar…

“ass long as it is LOUD”

What kind of language is that woot? I thought this was a family website!

So…is the receiver built into the sub or something? How is this a complete system without the receiver? All I see are speakers.

Even if they suck, these should go fast… Paid over $300 for my 5.1 setup, and I don’t even use them… stupid non-wireless spaghetti!!!

Buybubybuybuybubybuy! NEXT!!!


I’m not one who is fond of frivolous lawsuits, but isn’t it about time someone block calling shi-ite like this “home theater”?

Would be helpful to see the back of the thing. It just says 5.1 input.

Darn is right, talk about a huge waste of money.

Note: Not saying that this system is good, just stating that BOSE is garbage. That is all.

For this price I’d question the quality of sound you’d get.

my first woot-off… and not impressed with the last few… sigh…

No refurb!!! This would be great for a kids gaming sytem too! Great Price!!!

So what kind of inputs does this thing have? RCA? Optical?

okay dell

FYI, these do not do any kind of surround decoding or processing. Essentially this is JUST an amp and speakers. You would need an external dolby/DTS decoder which would pump line level (or pre-out) signals into this.

That said, for $49 this is not terrible.

Name a better system thats the same size as a Bose. If you want quality speakers that small no brand has a consistent offering thats better. With Bose you pay for the lack of headache of having to read reviews or shop around, their stuff is always top of the line in its category.