Sea Cell Sheets and Pillow Cases

$95 at costco®-300TC-4-Piece-King-Sheet-Set.product.100037294.html

Wow, sheets that magically give me nutrients through my skin? I can TOTALLY quit bothering with all this “wakefulness” and “eating” stuff- I’m just going to sleep ALL the time!

What seems to be the same product at Kmart for $14?

No, the Kmart sheets are clearly missing the super magical, all-curing, all-healing, “active seaweed” component. Who knew a little seaweed in your sheets was worth an extra $60?

Sheets that care? I’m in for a pair!
Should the effects be as stated, indeed,
You’ll see me on the beach, wrapped in seaweed.

The queen set is $89.99 at Costco, including the pillowcases, which are (inexplicably) sold separately here on Woot.

No. Must be extra pillowcases -

Sheet Set Includes:

(1) Flat Sheet
(1) Fitted Sheet
(2) Pillowcases (Queen receives standard size, King receives king size)

High price for only 300 tc. I can get Egyptian cotton-600 count for less than $95 somewhere else.

My wife just had to have these when we went to Costco. Within 3 washing they started pilling. She took them back and got a replacement set and they did the same thing. Buyer beware!!!

Thanks for the feedback. Am I correct to assume you/your wife used the delicate cycle with mild/little detergent and no bleach?

Anyone else have anything to say? What about the breath-ability? I know I like cotton but what does this blend do to the feel?

Sateen weave is probably a dealbreaker though…