Sea Chimp

best yet!

Not too shabby…

you’re getting warmer, woot. but still, not a shot in hell for me.

like the color, but the pic is weird

I like it :). Not as bad as the past few!

reminds me of donkey kong for some reason

Sea chimp? I know the squids are invading, but really?

Better than yesterday’s.

this is the best one yet!

yay i got a sea chimp … wait… :frowning: why did i do that?

Eh, not so bad…

i got one !

LOL - this is a bizarre one. Cue the 800 where’s the feet posts in three… two… one…

Cool color though. :slight_smile:

That’s actually kinda’ cool

I like this shirt because it makes no sense, like me.

wow…gorilla-squid. Never thought I would see that.

come on woot, you can do better than that!


It’s a sea chimp. First printing! It’s a collectible!

I actually like this one! Probably won’t buy it, but a good showing.