Sea-Doo RS3 Underwater Seascooter

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Sea-Doo RS3 Underwater Seascooter
Price: $499.99
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Now this is a niche market item!!

I love the heat map right now. One wooter, landlocked.

I would never buy this, but I love that Woot is selling it!

I’m a big fan of Seadoo jetskis. Maybe we will see some of those for sale in the future.


The two on the heatmap apparently want to try this in the Mississippi River. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness; this is a good piece of equipment and at a fairly reasonable price. It’s perfect for finishing up a scuba kit.

Actually, these things are junk. If you want to buy a real scooter, search many of the dive forums and pickup a used Tekna, Oceanic or if you’re already wanting to drop $500, save a little more and grab a used Silent Submersion for the ultimate in scootering.

My first scooter was one of these style. It was kind of fun, but I could often gently kick faster than it could go, especially against the current. My used Oceanic Mako that I only paid another $200 more than this is many times more powerful and can actually be used in a tech environment, or against stronger currents.

And unless you have the cadillac of them all, the SS scooters, don’t expect any of them to pull you against strong river current.

I use mine in the ocean and springs. They are great for shore diving as you can go way out, do your dive, then ride it back in without having to swim a long distance. But again, that’s using a real one. not one of these toys (the seadoo and bladfin are kind of a joke once you understand what you’re looking at).

The point I am trying to make is these things here are very expensive toys at best. It’s better to spend a LITTLE more and get an entry level REAL one if you want to use this as an actual piece of dive gear.

If all you’re doing is wanting to putter around snorkeling or in a pool or for the kids… I would strongly check around for used versions of these things instead and not pay so much.

Just my $.02 as an experienced diver who has played with all the scooters from the very least to the very best.

Well, I feel much more educated about the subject. Thanks for the advice!

Quality Post this man!

Plz provide range and payload capacity.

-Jose (Jaurez, MX)

As another experience diver, I agree with all the above.
Back in the 80’s, I couldn’t afford one of the scooters they had then, so I built one scooter from plans (SCUBAtow). It was a lot of fun being towed around, doing underwater acrobatics etc. But these things have some serious restrictions.

  1. They don’t have 1,000 hp motors with unlimited batteries. They’ll pull you about as quickly as a fast swim, for less than an hour, for not more than about 80 feet max depth. And if your buddy grabs onto your ankles, you both drop to a crawl (not Australian). However, it’s very nice (and saves energy) to NOT have to swim fast!

  2. Speaking of buddies? remember the rules about always being 20 seconds or so away from them, in-case one of you gets in trouble? This means instead of zipping anywhere you want, you have to orbit your buddy. It’s exactly like having a leash, and just as much fun (NOT!!). My biggest regret was that I should have built two, so when I went on a trip I could loan my second to my buddy and we could fly two-ships.

  3. Remember … this is while using SCUBA. So the change-of-depth concerns absolutely still apply. “Flying” these things is really, REALLY fun, but if you change depth too fast? Things could go wrong (like … you die?) Another operational limit.

Given all that, I don’t regret the 4 months it took to build, and nowadays look at this and am still very tempted. Or rather tempted to get two that do what a diver really needs, and then go off and chase some stingrays.

As a non-diver, motor + battery =/= $500

But I guess every hobby has it’s things that cost too much (“Your euphonium cost $2600? But it’s just a hunk of brass!”)

I wasn’t going to buy this. Now, I am REALLY not going to buy this.

I think I am going to do like that other guy and start building my own underwater scooters. Attention everyone! I will be selling superior underwater scooters at $1 cheaper than these here. Sorry WOOT!, you just got WOOTED!

Can I use it in the bathtub?

Probably once.

Do the math. 22.2v x 4Ah battery = 89Wh. Into a 220W motor = 15 min of run time or less.

Math is hard.
From the specs:

What we really need to know is will this let me outpace a shark intent on tasting me? Alternatively, does it come with a shark saliva-activated self-destruct function for some final revenge?

And of course, is it dolphin-safe or at least wholphin-safe?