Sea-Doo RS3 Underwater Seascooter


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Sea-Doo RS3 Underwater Seascooter
Price: $474.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Oct 20 to Tuesday, Oct 21) + transit
Condition: New


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You know I was just thinking to myself yesterday what what is really missing is rock bottom prices on discount underwater propulsion devices.

Time to learn all about the warranty

You know, if only SPECTRE had only splurged on the Sea-Doo RS3 Underwater Seascooter they would have been able to thwart James Bond’s attempt at preventing nuclear war after they used the lesser models to retrieve the nuclear bombs from the French NATO fighter as well as dominate one of the most epic underwater battles between good vs. evil ever…

Perfect for scouting the Hudson river in search of white eels.

“keel Bond!”

Sorry Woot, but I’m holding out for a submarine.

Thats amazing, ME TOO!. I was sitting here with approximately $500 and change wondering where I could get a nice Underwater Scooter so Id be ready for some Winter Ice Diving. If only WOOT! could get into the Underwater Scuba and Snorkeling Accessories market, I would then really have something to look forward too daily! And then, this ad appeared. There really is a God!

Who remembers “Sea Hunt” with Lloyd Bridges? They had something like this but they were huge long things that looked like torpedoes. But that was 1958.

That is a really good price, why did you have to do this when you know I need a new Refrigerator.

I will justify not buying it by saying that it doesn’t match my dry suit.

I read the description but can not find anything about using this in the airless vacuum of space. I figure that when I buy it, my wife will likely knock me into a low-earth orbit, so this will come in handy to maneuver myself to avoid satellites and Felix Baumgartner’s next stunt. Does it require air or water to operate? If not, count me in for one!

Needs GoPro mount and remote control interface. For the wannabe Jacques Cousteau who hates to get wet.

If one could get this and duct tape it to the bottom of today’s sportWoot!, they’d surely kick tail in any inflatable kayak race.

Somehow I think if you accidently let go of this while using it you will never see it again.

Congrats sir…you have just won the internet.

Just stopping by to say how much of a joke these are in the dive community for those in the know.

For kids, or just for “playing around” they may be ok, but for that same amount you can also pickup a REAL DPV on the used market that’s multiple times more powerful and can actually haul yourself and all your heavy gear a good distance. Look around for the old Tekna or Oceanic Mako.

I can make the comparison and judge this product because my very first DPV was one of these crappy seadoo scooters. I only paid $75 used for it to, so it was a bargain to “just play with”. It was fun, but didn’t move me much faster than I could comfortably kick. They also can’t move you too much in strong current without you kicking too…and what’s the point of kicking if you bought this to pull you along?

My 10 year old used Oceanic Mako I bought after the Seadoo died was way more powerful, and could pull me for a solid hour+ at full thrust. We use them a lot for shore diving to get us out to the lobster ledges or in caves to get us past all the high flow entrances. Even my buddies Silent Submersion DPV’s (the Cadillac of scooters) are way more powerful than my Mako… and you can pick those up used for a little over twice what these SEadoo’s cost.

I have nothing against these seadoo brand scooters, but they are too high priced for their weak performance, regardless of what their specs say, and what others say. Unless you’ve actually used a REAL DPV, you just won’t know the difference.

In for three…

From what the man above you said you would need all three to do the job.

Ganging the controls and handles would be the only hard part.

Even better, you knocked down the per unit shipping price…