Sea-Doo RS3 Underwater Seascooter

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Sea-Doo RS3 Underwater Seascooter
Price: $399.99
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Anyone know if this item is waterproof?

No idea. I think it’s Mac compatible, though.

I still want one, and I still can’t justify actually buying one. Mainly since I have no idea when I’d actually use it.


Is there an iPhone app?

Note to divers: I made a very similar scooter and used it for several years. It was a lot of fun, but when I made it I hadn’t realized a few operational limitations:

  1. UW aerobatic maneuvers are super fun, but you’re actually constrained by SCUBA’s speed-of-depth-change limits. IE: Immelmanns and hammerheads have to be done extra slow.
  2. You really need two. Since buddy-diving requires you to always be within about 30 seconds swimming distance from him, if you each have one, you end up only scootering ‘in formation’. If your buddy doesn’t have one, you end up circling your buddy.

Missouri? Really? Y’all got beaches and deepwater there?

We have this-The mine is home to the largest fresh water scuba diving venue in the world. (Diving reservations are required.) The clear, 58-degree water, illuminated from above, affords divers visibility more than 100 feet down. Diving is conducted in groups of nine, always accompanied by two guides.

Located one hour south of St. Louis, off of Route 67.

WOW … This would make one hell of an EGG BEATER

Is it remote control? I want to add a shark fin to it…and drive it around…Lake Michigan.

Good uses: Swimming Pools. Snorkeling, fun for kids.

Bad uses: actual diving.

I had one of these as my first DPV (bought used for $50). It was fun for a little but, but couldn’t pull against currents very well. A year later I upgraded to a real DPV (bought used also for not much more than this thing goes for) and wow… I can’t tell diver’s enough not to buy these things.