Sea Eagle 8 Classic Fisherman's Dream

how well would it work with kayak oars?

I don’t know. Something about fishhooks and inflatable boats seems like a bad combination.

good grief, motor mount? what the devil?

what sort of mad man would put a motor on such a thing?

According to the pricing at the Manufacture’s Website this is a really good deal. It would cost $549 from the Sea Eagle.

R2-D2 boat…

LOL :wink: I was thinking the same thing!!


The one review on amazon: “do not waste your money as i did on this imatation boat. it is horrible. holds air for about 22.22 minutes befor needing re-inflation. the inflation gauge is another joke. the middle seat is designed by someone with a morbid sense of humor as it deposits you over backward into the fake boat…save your money get a truck tire tube and some plywood and be way ahead…awful product”

Also, I think I’d be nervous to fish in an inflatable boast (metal hooks!)

sorry @oznecsad, just saw your comment!

I got the Sea Eagle nine. Great friggin boat. I’ve used it mainly with the oars, but I have a motor for it. It is sturdy, seems well built and being inflatable, compact. The only two drawbacks I have with mine are, the inflatable seats are pretty much useless and for mine, the floor valve had the same kind of valves the other compartments had, a big ass plastic one. The floors on there site had two small push in kind valves you find in like beach balls or inflatable donuts. With the hard flooring it sat on top of the valve. I had to manually drill a 3" hole to accomodate the valve through it and obviously, it’s hard to gauge where the valve sits on the boat once inflated as the dimension inside change, so it is in the hole I made, though off-center.

i know it’s late, but i have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. drilling a hole in/on/around an inflatable boat? rykm? smh.

ok. read it 3 more times and I’m getting it. but still seems like the off center hole/valve is the least of your worries…

Trolling motor, maybe?

I believe he is referring to the floorboard set this boat comes with, which give you a rigid floor but blocks access to the air valve in he floor. He drilled a hole in the floorboard set, to provide access but wound up in the wrong spot.

less on Amazon $299


[MOD: Not the same. That one does not include the motor mount or floorboard set.]

This thing has a proported 950 pound capacity. I would be kind of neverous being in this inflatable boat with a 700 pound person. I’m just saying.

You would be comfortable being in a small non-inflatable boat with a 700 person? I’m just saying.

Good point!

I own a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak – not for fishing, but if you’ve ever used a Sea Eagle, it’s not your run-of-the-mill inflatable boat. The 33mil hull is tough. Here’s a review from a fishing site:

See the “Durability” section.