Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak Package

**Item: **Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak Package
Price: $899.99
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Condition: New

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I bought the two seat version on Woot last year. Used it once, rinsed it off and put in the bag. A few months later I went to use it again and it was full of mildew. If you use it, you have to wash and dry it before putting back in the storage bag. I do not recommend it for ocean use, waves will swamp the boat.

Home video - Inflating the kayak (2 seater)

The $5 shipping is a deal breaker.

Lets watch this in action [youtube=YbZXTk6NgTo][/youtube]

I’m gonna have to say that this is the best escape vehicle woot has offered that may save you from the zombies

Now that is a funny comment!

I can only buy three of 'em?
Well forget it then.

I feel dumb asking this, but someone please enlighten me as to why it’s called a “465ft” kayak when it’s only 15ft long?

Glad I am not the only one wondering this.

Inflatable yacht?

Because it is far larger than it’s sister, the 385ft,

FT stands for fast track not feet.

“The Classic 465-foot is far larger than it’s sister, the 385ft, and is capable of holding up to 3 people plus gear or a Total Max Load Capacity of 795 lbs. With the 465-foot kayak you’ll have no problem taking along your family and friends.”

Silly me. Here I have thought the word “foot” actually stood for…well, “FOOT”… when used in the description. I have certainly been schooled. But the spot on my river where I camp is only about 70 feet wide at that point - how would I ever launch this?? I’d have to go in at an abrupt angle…and cut down several trees…

I have experience with this company.

1st off i’d like to say this price really sucks. this company is going broke, if you cal them you can get a sea eagle for way cheaper than this. for instance I have 3 sea eagle 9’s fisherman’s dream package. 3 of them. they were listed at around 1700 bucks. I got them for under 225.00 each and they were all different prices. no joke.

this price for the kayak is ridiculous, I see now that the site is not for us at all anymore, they think we are total morons and they want our moron dough. these were nice made back in the USA made day, now the valves suck and the material; is different and instead of " Made in Italy" where al mine are from, they are from china and they are nott he same materails it seems.

Where does the boat motor go?

Only one sold and in South Carolina? Looks like a former governor swooped one up for future trips down the Appalachian Trail. Won’t he be disappointed when he finds the trail is not made up if water…

The problem with these inflatable Kayaks is that if you get water in them - it is very difficult to get it out. If you swamp it - you will have to drag it to land to be able to get all the water out - and that is often not easy! And kayaking is normally not done in the gentlest of waters. I would not use this anywhere except on a very calm water!