Sea Eagle Kayak Package

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Sea Eagle Kayak Package
Price: $194.99 - 224.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, May 11 to Tuesday, May 12) + transit
Condition: New


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Product Page

Check out the product page for the 370 and the 330

It appears that the SE 370 offered is only the Solo edition. Right?

Am I missing something? It is described as the 370 SOLO edition but weighs more, is longer, rated for an additional 150 lbs and three people instead of two.
Is there a defining factor that does not allow for other passengers? I would like the larger one to haul two dogs along, but cannot figure out if the SOLO would be a bad option for one reason or another.

Edit: it appears there was a possible mix up from the sea eagle descriptions to the woot website. The 330 is the SOLO on the company website, and the 370 comes with two seats on the website. Which leads me to the question.
Will the 370 only be sent with one seat for sure? (Making it ‘solo.’)

Comments from last sale:

I bought one last sale – but the weather is just getting good enough to take it out for the first time up here in the Great White North.

Has that dog been declawed?

I have a similar dog and no way I’d put it in my Sea Eagle.

Sea Eagles are very frequently sold in varying configurations of seating, so a single seat 370 is quite likely.

I just took my 330 out yesterday for the first time this year. These are great kayaks.

Looked at these last time and ended getting the Deluxe model with the better seats for. A little more under the make offer in eBay. Big national seller that still has some listed. 370

from the features tab for the product.

"Sea Eagle 370

This is the ONE person, SOLO version of the popular Sea Eagle 370 Pro inflatable kayak. It comes with the same 12’ 6 " long hull, A41 foot pump, carry bag and repair kit. What’s different about the solo pkg is you only get 1 DKS inflatable seat & 1 AB-30 four piece paddle. It’s a perfect one person kayak.

Many people have purchased the complete Sea Eagle 370 Pro package to use as a one person kayak, however they had to buy the extra paddle and seat, when they don’t need it. Now you don’t have to. Go “SOLO” and save!

The Sea Eagle 370 Pro Solo is great for beginners or for those who want to eliminate the storage or transportation issues of a hard shell kayak. This kayak is one of the lightest, most portable inflatable boats on the market."

According to Woot Staff the specifications were sent directly from Sea Eagle and should be accurate.

How long does it take to inflate with that foot pump? I haven’t pulled the trigger on one of these because if I have to spend a long time inflating it I’m never going to end up using it.

The foot pump works great. It takes less than five minutes to inflate.

I have a regular hard-shell kayak and the two-seat Sea Eagle. While the inflatable kayak is never going to be as fast across the water as the hard-shell, it is still a fine kayak. My wife and eight-year-old daughter use the Sea Eagle all of the time and they love it.

Is that dog included in the sale? I can’t find anything contrary.

If you’re in AK/HI and you want one, message me and I’ll order for you and ship at cost.

I bought a 330 3 years ago. Its great if youre looking for something to just relax on the water in. It isnt as fast as the hard bodied kayaks but has lots of space. I reccomend putting a cooler behind the seat to help prop you up.