Sea Eagle SE 330 Pro Kayak Package

Ooooh, if I didn’t live in Pittsburgh where I’d be paddling through laundry detergent and mutant fish I’d totally pick one of these up. Woot’s got the best price I could find,
Next best for $40 more here-

Be careful, a lot of sites have very similar looking deals but on closer inspection are either just the hull of the ship, or the single seater version of it.
Honestly this would be a really good gift for a wife, a promise of quality time…

Excellent job noting the differences at other sites.

But wooooo-weeeeee, look at the shipping costs to me for the ones you found:

I dunno, that next day shipping looks pretty appealing… get it quick and get in a nice donation to the struggling U.S. Postal service. That is if they don’t use brown.

Not sure how it compares exactly. The pro looks a little nicer? But Costco has for $189.

That’s the SE-370. It’s a bit longer than this one but you’ll notice that it doesn’t have the upgraded comfy seats or the carry bag. If you look at the Sea Eagle site, you’ll see that the two deluxe seats are valued at almost $100.

Anyone have thoughts about having a small child with my wife and I in this Kayak? She’s pretty small (under 40 lbs), I’m worried about space though.

Curious on folks thots on the deluxe seats. The Costco price is better for a bigger boat with heavier material (more durable - 38 vs 33 mil). Are the deluxe seats worth it / necessary?

While we don’t usually talk about future sales, if you’re interested in the large 370, I’m told you could probably stay tuned later this month… most likely, you know.

I just found same deluxe package at amazon for $199.00:

Yep, that sure is the Deluxe package alright but it’s not the same as the one we are selling.

We’re selling the PRO package. Look at the seats and you’ll see that ours has the upgraded seats, an almost $100 value.

Might it “most likely” be the pro package? You know, with the deluxe seats?

Those seats make a huge difference. I have tried both. The standard seats are like not having a seat at all. Some people can do okay without the back support, but not me!

I have not owned the Kayak, i have owned The SE8 and Two SE9’s though. I used to be a Huge fan of this company. my earlier rafts are Made In Italy and they are Premium quality, both are many Years outside of the warranty and 100% working and operational, I use them nearly daily in the Summertime to run the Boise River, at the very least 3 Times a week, all summer long. They are Great, They are so great I decided to get a new one and chose the Fisherman’s dream pack SE9, had all the goodies with it and everything was grand. Guess what though, these are no longer made in Italy, the valves are cheaper and the material is not the same at all, my SE9 from CHINA, that cost me plenty is broken after only one season of use and this is a fairly Mild river as far as they go. This Kayak is the exact color material as my broken Chinese SE9 and I would bet quite a bit it’s made in the same place as the SE9. My SE9 separated at the seam in the Bow and was 2.5 weeks outside the warranty period and when I called Sea Eagle they told me there was no way to repair it, they said do not even try it will not work and they told me that they could cut me a deal on a replacement hull for 200.00. I declined and am now using my fishermans dream set with the old school SE9 I have been running 11 years straight. I even decided to take it lake fishing and mounted a 1964 J9 Clinton outboard on the transom and it was awesome, 8 hours of fishing a day and no worries. long story ends, China Sea Eagles seem lame to me comparatively. sometimes when you sell out you loose customers and references SEA EAGLE.

one tree branch just under the water surface, and your happiness will come to a screeching halt. happened to me . one branch made 3 rips. not patchable. returnable good luck. go to dicks sporting goods . get a real 10 foot that will last 20 years until you give it away or sell it. for about $200.00 you can get it rigfht the first time. i like woot i use woot this is no jack kennedy.

I have a totally different brand saw I it was made in Japan. 7 years now and they are still in great shape. I don’t know if this is helpfull buy wanted to let people know that some ober sea products are made very well.

Sea Eagle SE 330 Pro Kayak Package - Prices Compared

Today on WOOT = $219.99 + $5 shipping = Total = $224.99

ebay = $299.99 + ships free

LiveWell Sports = $299.00 + Ships free

Bass Pro Shops = $249.99 + ships free if you use PROMO CODE PRESENT

WOOT offers the best deal by $25.00

Above pricing and vendors came from a random Google search with the intent to find a fair, “apples to apples” comparison. Your own search may find different and/or lower prices.

[MOD EDIT: The link for Bass Pro Shop ($249.99) is actually for the Deluxe package, not the Pro package being sold here on Woot]

Doomtothee, what a coincidence. I live in Pittsburgh also. I have a boat and go out on the rivers. I’m sure they are still polluted, but they are clean enough that being out on the water is still a fun day and gives a nice waterfront perspective of this beautiful city. In terms of boating, I started out with a used fiberglass canoe and an electric trolling motor and had fun in that. Personally I would rather buy a used canoe than an inflatable except for the weight of loading and unloading the canoe by myself. I know there are lightweight canoes, but they are more expensive, even used. Anyway, on to more important topics. The Steelers REALLY need a win over Baltimore this week.

Comparing “made in Japan” with “made in China”? Umm…