Sea Eagle SE 370 Deluxe Package

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Sea Eagle SE 370 Deluxe Package
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Airline seats are wider than 13". Is that interior dimension correct?

I have the smaller version and I’d say yeah, it’s kind of a squeeze. But remember, you’re in an inflatable boat, the sides have some give so you can get in and you’re pretty secure in there.

Bought one last year, make sure you dry it before storing it or it will mildew.

Also, a windy day will blow you sideways.

Good for a travel kayak, but if you live where you can store a boat a fixed kayak is a far better choice.

I also bought one of these last year, it’s great… took it on a nice ride down the Chattahoochie River last year. I like fact that I can put it in the truck of the car and not have to strap it up on the roof.

Great deal here…I bought mine directly from Amazon last year and it cost more and had no carry bag.

We bought three on a previous Woot. Absolutely love them!

Took one on our cruise to the Bahamas and used it all day on the beach at the private island. Paid for itself that day. It was great to have our own boat for the four of us to enjoy.

As an added bonus, we had our own lifeboat in case the ship had any problems.

Definitely make sure you keep them clean and dry and they will serve you well.

How well does this work with one person? I would probably be the one to use it most of the time but there would be times when our two granddaughters would go along with me.

Myself and my twenty-something boys have all used the kayaks individually as well as pairs both on rivers, ocean and flat water. They work very well and are very easy to control.
Only have issues if the wind is very strong on flat water, but I have had similar issues with hard shell canoes being pushed by the wind.

I bought this last year with the upgraded seats and have loved it. I have had a few inflatable kayaks before and actually fit 3 seats in the 370 to paddle around a couple of kids up front.

I went through 2 foot pumps that broke, but customer support was great about sending out new ones each time.

I finally just bought a higher quality pump that I use each time. You can also stand up and paddle around with all the cool kids on SUPs.

Hi, it works great with 1 person. You can adjust your seating position so you are about 2/3rds the way back and put your gear in front. The 2 rear skegs attached to the kayak will help with tracking to keep you straight.

20 something boys? thats alot, you lost count like the Duggars on 18 and counting.

Bought the SE 370 Pro Package off Amazon lightning deals back in December for $237 and can’t wait to use it for my first summer in Bozeman, Montana! Built super sturdy. I’m 6’4" 215 lbs and fit in it just fine with my girlfriend sitting up front. Definitely not getting 3 full size adults in it, but perhaps 2 adults and a small child, dog, or cooler. Buy it.