Sea Eagle SE 370 Pro Kayak Package

I remember Thunder Thighs hinting that this would come up this month. The 370 is long enough for 2 adults to have leg room, or load a few kids up in between them. Nice combination to get the extra length and the pro package. The seats make a huge difference. Great Deal.

I haven’t done any price shopping yet but before you start posting links please remember that this is a package with extra goodies:

*Pro Kayak Package includes:

Two, 4-part, curved blade 7’ 10" paddles that pack small
Two deluxe kayak seats for super comfort and great back support
Large volume, high efficiency foot pump
Rugged nylon carry bag with convenient shoulder strap*

Oh hooray… I missed the last go-'round for the 330 by about 2 minutes due to frantic research and reading. I figured out soon after that it would have been too small anyway. I’m so glad my procrastination and indecision finally paid off!

Also, as a word of warning: Don’t tell your 4 year-old daughter that you’re buying a boat until /after/ you click the stupidly-large button.

This isn’t 64% off list price. The list price is $349:

“Total Value” and “List Price” are two different things.

That being said, I’ve owned this kayak for the past two years and love it. It has been down shallow rivers in the summer, scraped gravelly river beds, hit logs and sharp rocks and hasn’t punctured once.

I agree, it always puts me off buying from a seller when they put up such misleading information. I guess its the amazon effect.

I am trying to find enough reasons to justify buying this…kind of a hard sell living in Arizona :slight_smile:

Geez - now I wish I’d have waited - I bought 2 of the 330s which arrived a few days ago… only $10 more for the 370 :frowning:

I did the same thing… That is a low blow Woot. Only $10 more than what I paid and I am 6’4". I now Wah… Anyone know if I can exchange or return with woot? It’s unopened?

I’m in the same boat (yes, pun intended! :slight_smile: and now I want this one instead! It’s going to be a present for my husband so it is still in the box. PLEASE tell me we can exchange it!

And actually, it’s $269 at Amazon for a grand total of 40 dollars in savings.

Woot isn’t what it used to be!

Was 253 at Amazon this week. Costco has the 370 deluxe for 189. Just wondering if the seats are worth the extra $$$

35 … Shipping on woot is 5 bucks

I bought the SE330 as well, had I known this would come up and me be on Woot this day I’d of waited for this one. Mine is still sealed in the box. Better leg room would have been a plus with a bf that’s over 6’ Bummer.

Kayaking on Canyon Lake, Saguaro Lake, and down the Salt River is awesome if you’re in the Valley!

This would fall under the Woot FAQ:

Will I receive customer support like I’m used to?
Not quite. If you buy something you don’t end up liking or you have what marketing people call “buyer’s remorse,” sell it on Craigslist or at a garage sale. It’s likely you’ll make money doing this and save everyone a hassle…

Like it says above, if you’re willing and able to incur the charge for both (which you would be doing anyway if you could return one and buy this today), then consider selling the one you don’t want. You’ll probably come out ahead.

Are the seats on this moveable? Is it usable by a solo kayaker?

How about using this in the ocean? Anyone with any experience/ insight?

I’m happy with my basic 330, which I got from Woot this summer. I’ve only paddled it solo. It does yaw a bit more than a traditional hard-shell plastic kayak does. That has me wondering, with the extra length, how this 370 would track with just one person. Is yaw an issue?

Trust that you will not /make/ money on craigslist or at a garage sale with mildly sub-Amazon prices.

What I think people are upset about is not being aware of both offers to make an informed decision. I think it’d be one thing if the prior offer was months ago, but it seems it was sooner. Folks probably feel it was planned to move the 330s before putting the 370s out.

I know it’s Marketing and I know it’s Woot’s model of ‘one-day deals’, but I wouldn’t call it ‘buyer’s remorse’.