Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

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Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package
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Time to check out the product page and very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at The O


I’ve had the smaller Sea Eagle 330 for at least 8 years now, and I love it. It’s small enough to fit in the trunk of a MINI Cooper, yet big enough for two adults. We’ve had one small leak, and that was because someone was rubbing the side with the paddle when they paddled. Patched it up and it works great.

Note that these inflatable kayaks do not handle wind well, and even though it has two small keels, it won’t track perfectly. They’re perfect for smaller rivers, ponds, and lakes. We used ours on the ocean several times and it held up well but it’s not ideal if the winds pick up, since it sits so high and is so light.

Plenty of Reviews over at Amazon

How does it handle with just one person?

I’d buy it in an instant if Woot shipped to APO. Does anybody know, if I ordered this to a relative stateside, could the parts be consolidated to two smaller boxes that they could then ship to me?

I’ve used these as well as more typical hard kayaks. As with anything, there are benefits and drawbacks.

The benefits of the inflatable kayaks are storage/transportation, and many people find them less “tippy” and more stable on the water.

The primary drawback is reduced speed and steering capabilities. An inflatable is somewhat more affected by wind and waves. Also there is the question of durability on rocks, though I’ve never had a problem; these are made pretty tough.

I find it works just fine if you sit closer to center. It is affected even more by wind going solo though. I find them handy for ponds/lakes you have to trek into where it would be really difficult to get a hard kayak into.

Keep the foot pump with you on your voyage!!

Bought this about 3 months ago from another daily sale site.
We love it! Took our family of 4 (Mama, Papa, 2 yo, and 2mo) out on the local lakes in the Northern Sierra mountains of California.
Wind picked up of course, but it just made for a better work out.
My first time in a Kayak and I found the oars easy to learn. We paddled over some dense vegetation, fished off the side, crammed toys and food in all the extra spaces and enjoyed the day.
Was easy to roll up and stick into the back of our Armada. Left it out and inflated inside the garage for a few days for it to dry completely before packing it up for the season.
No problems whatsoever.
Foot pump was adequate.

Does anybody know, if I ordered this to a relative stateside, could the parts be consolidated to two smaller boxes that they could then ship to me?

Not sure about size requirements for shipping to APO, but I have an older model that I can fit into a suitcase that meets airline requirements, i.e. 62 combined inches and under 50 pounds. You could ship the seats, paddles and pump separately if need be.

I agree with the previous commenter, with one person, the 370 will get blown around quite a bit. The smaller 330 would be better for one person, but it still gets blown around. The other issue is that it won’t track as well. With each push of the paddle, the kayak will yaw to the side. It will be more difficult to stay on a straight track.

This could be helped by adding more plastic skegs to the hull. Last time I checked, Sea Eagle sells additional skegs that you can glue on yourself.

My father has owned this model for the last 5 years… we recently purchased the smaller one for our 14yo son. Both boats are wonderful. The inflate quickly and easily. The 370 performs well with 1-3(4) passengers. The 330 is a bit better solo as it’s smaller but I don’t think you will be dissatisfied with either boat. You can’t beat this price or the flexibility of an inflatable. I highly recommend Sea Eagle!

I own two of the 330 sized ones. They really do get blown around in the wind. We were out kayaking with a friend who has an inflatable with a frame and he had a much easier time paddling upwind on the lake than we did.

Also, we did put a hole in one of ours. We believe it happened when we packed it back up and put it in the bag, I think one of the metal paddle handles caught it accidentally.

I would say these are a good intro to kayaking, but you will probably eventually want a more rigid frame kayak.

I should have pulled the trigger on this model when Woot had it for sale at $229.99 a couple years back. Damn.

$255 Here with no shipping.