Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak

**Item: **Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak
Price: $179.99
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Hey guys, in trying to keep this at a ridiculously low price that y’all have come to love, we didn’t include paddles or carry bag.

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Lets watch a review [youtube=4xyykpmDTG8][/youtube]

I have the SE330 from a summer 2012 woot, and I’m very happy with it for the casual lake kayaking I do. I think my favorite feature is that I can lounge in it any way I want, and it’s always comfortable because it’s inflatable.

I think the warranty is great too. My foot pump started to leak last month, and after sending them a picture through email, a new one was in the mail. No BS about shipping it back, just great customer service.

The photo of the people using it depicts the Pro version with the upgraded seats, which are significantly better. The fact that this doesn’t come with paddles or carrying bag is pretty Seattle Sounders. Otherwise these are pretty decent inflatables.

I have the 330 pro… really tempting to get this for the extra room but then I’m stuck with trying to unload the 330 with no accessories

For anyone thinking of using this on a lake…our lake has a strict rule prohibiting inflatable boats. This kayak would not be allowed, no matter how well it is made. It won’t matter that you also have to have a life jacket with you. ‘The man’ doesn’t want you to be in the middle of the lake when you spring a leak. So think shallow rivers and creeks, and check for rules where you plan to use this.

This is just for YOUR lake, wherever it is. No problems with our Sea King on local lakes in OH . . . or anyplace else I’ve ever heard of.

Bought this the last time it was on Woot and had waited a long time for it to reappear.

It works as advertised and was exactly what we needed and wanted. Very sturdy, paddles easily, simple to inflate and it’s also very dry inside. We really enjoy it and recommend it to others. Takes 10 minutes to inflate and head out on the lake or river.

That said, buy the optional Pro seats for max comfort . . . and why they would sell this sans paddles is just plain odd.

Will this fit in your standard bath tub?

Yes. Just don’t inflate it and it will fit in a suitcase!

Ordered three 370’s with extra seat and paddles last time these were offered. Have used them on a lake and down a river. Next stop will be class III rapids in PA next spring!

They work very well. Nice sturdy construction. I believe that these will hold up very well with proper care, cleaning and storage.

Check your state regulations, in Ohio, these have to have proper tags for use on lakes and rivers.

Purchased 32" duffel bag which perfectly held deflated boat, seats, paddles and pump for only $14.

This is No Deal the paddles are 60 bucks ea ch and No Bag. Compare on Amazon.

My lake and any others that may have that rule. It’s a good idea to check the rules where you plan to use the inflatable kayak. I learned this the expensive way.

Great deal BUT it doesn’t include the carry bag or paddles. The paddles add another $60 at LEAST if you buy cheap ones separately, which brings the price up to what you can get any day on the web. Too bad.

Just saw that myself. $250 at bass pro shops with everything.

That is for the SE330 which is typically about $50 cheaper. Bass Pro shop does not seem to sell the 370. I have a 370 and tandem kayak all the time. I would not want to tandem in the 330, way to small.
Sea Eagle sells their complete SE370 Deluxe kit for $299, make sure you click on the SE370.

The model you reference is the 330 not the 370. I agree this deal isn’t as great as the one back in August due to the lack of paddles. To me, the carry bag is not a show stopper, see my previous post for a cheaper alternative.

I also have a Explorer 380 but mine is the old version and would LOVE to get another one but they are very expensive.
woot could you guys get a good deal on those?

If you are looking to upgrade from the 370 I’d suggest looking at the Explorer 380x USED packages on Sea Eagles site. The deluxe package is $749 and comes with the full warranty and return policy.

Sea Eagle is a GREAT company with an awesome warranty policy. I was 4 days away from the end of my warranty on my 370 when I noticed that a seam had come undone. The seam was high enough that it would not have caused any issues to keep using it. I sent Sea Eagle a picture and they informed we I was approved to warranty it. All I had to do was cut out the serial numbers and send it to them. A short while later I received my Kayak hull in the mail.